HawkEye 5200 Satellite Tracking Device
HawkEye 5200 Satellite Tracking Device
HawkEye 5300 GPS tracking device with HawkEye Touch Display
Example of car mounted GPS Satellite antenna

HawkEye 5200 (HE5200)

The HawkEye 5200 (HE5200) from Blue Sky Network provides Iridium-only connectivity in a robust device. The reliability of the 5200’s Iridium network provides uninterrupted GPS coverage and Iridium tracking even in the most remote regions: providing 100% global visibility. This Iridium satellite tracking device offers unparalleled configurability and convenience to track assets in challenging environments and to work wherever you work. GPS tracking service options include adding the optional driver-friendly LCD Touchscreen Display, Door Sensor, Temperature/Humidity/iButton and a 12V Vehicle DC Adapter.

The Iridium constellation of 66 low-earth-orbiting (LEO) satellites is the only true global satellite communications network in the world capable of delivering essential voice and data services to and from remote regions including jungles, oceans, and airways where no other form of reliable communication exists.

Key Uses

  • Local & remote fleet operations
  • Local & long-distance trucking
  • Security: High value or hazardous cargo, high-risk service fleet, high-value land mobile cargo missions management
  • Remote Routes
  • Personnel transportation
  • Service fleet management
  • Heavy equipment monitoring



This Product is Designed for:
  • Land Mobile
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Key Features

  • Iridium only coverage
  • Geo-fencing: up to 10 zones per vehicle
  • Position reporting by time & distance
  • Conditional sleep & wake settings
  • Configurable event & alert notifications
  • Remote configuration over the network
  • Built-in back up battery
  • 4 Digital Inputs & 2 Outputs
  • RS232 serial interface


  • Pay-as-you-go Iridium data plans
  • RS232 serial interface
  • Two-way real time communication
  • Flexibility to match your fleet requirements
  • Remote web-based fleet monitoring
  • Flexible sensor monitoring for complex applications
  • Instant notification of vehicle operation after-hours or in unsafe zones



  • Fleet Efficiency: Instant notification of asset location and other events that could impact your business. Track all assets in SkyRouter on one map or multiple maps, track each asset individually, plan efficient routes, and generate reports that can maximize asset efficiency.
  • Pole-to-Pole Global Satellite Coverage: The Iridium low latency global network is made up of 66 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites that provide coverage anywhere in the world.
  • Ensure Security and Safety: Quick Position (QPOS) button, two-way messaging, and e-mail allow drivers to instantly notify their command center of emergency situations or accidents. Notifications can be enabled every time a
  • vehicle leaves or enters a specific geo-fence.
  • Monitor Driver Behavior: Unique driver PIN identification for every driver. Monitor idling, speeding, erratic driving, entering unsafe zones, vehicle status, and trip detail remotely via SkyRouter.
  • Reduce Asset Down Time: Device parameter configurations and firmware updates can be performed over the air without bringing the asset in for maintenance.
  • Optimized Airtime and Usage: With dual-mode coverage users can obtain the benefits of GSM coverage and maintain connectivity via Iridium in remote and problematic cell coverage regions.



  • Iridium Satellite modem: 9602RS232 (RX/TX only): 1
  • Dimensions (mm): 203.14 x t128.29 x 40
  • Weight (grams): < 454
  • Accelerometer: 3D
  • Included antennas: External Iridium and GPS dual channel
  • Digital inputs 5 to 30 V: 4 (+1 ignition)  3 inputs can be used to  wake up the device (alarm mode)
  • Digital outputs: 2 – open drain (max 350 mA)
  • Main controller: Intel PXA 270 (312 MHz)
  • Flash memory: 32 MB
  • Input Voltage Range: 8-30V
  • Max Peaking Current: 2.0A
  • Internal battery: Lithium Polymer 1300mA
  • Diagnosis LED: 7
  • Operating temperature: -20°C / +60°C
  • Iridium/GPS antenna: SMA (f)
  • IO’s serial ports: 18-pin Molex
  • RAM: 32 MB
  • GPS: SIRF starIII

Connectivity & Available Plans

Available Plans
The HawkEye 5200 (HE5200) requires an Iridium Data service plan.

Service Plan Pricing
Data Plans start at $29 per month

Connects with SkyRouter Command Center

This satellite tracking equipment is equipped to connect and work with the SkyRouter Command Center.

Ordering Information

Part #:
  • HE5200KT
Kit Contents:
Kit HawkEye 5200 Features:
  • Iridium satellite tracking only
  • Integrated GPS receiver
  • Remote over-the-air parameter configuration via Iridium
  • 3-D accelerometer
  • Back-up battery

Available Accessories

HawkEye Touch Option For HawkEye 5300 Vehicle Tracking System

HawkEye Touch

The HawkEye Touch is a dashboard touch display for tracking, communication and navigation directly from the vehicle's cab. It includes Quick Position (QPOS) button, GPS mark, trip routes and more. You can also set up driver PIN identification, use for navigation, or log OBDII reports.

OBDII Premium Option For HawkEye 5300

ODBII Module

An optional telematics module that tracks mileage, fuel usage and diagnostic trouble code (DTC) alerts.

QPOS Panic Emergency Button for HawkEye 5300

Dash-Mounted QPOS Button

An optional dash-mounted button that generates Quick Position (QPOS) report and an alert to SkyRouter when pushed.

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