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The Blue Sky Network Advantage

Blue Sky Network is an American company with vast experience in assisting complex operations across the globe, making us the go-to for helicopter operators. We offer the ability to tailor our suite of automated flight following and two-way communication devices to meet your specific needs and operational requirements. With SkyRouter, our industry-leading web portal, operators are equipped with one centralized, secure web portal to track, manage, and communicate with critical assets in real-time.

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SkyRouter3 monitor
is a secure web portal that allows you to track, manage, and communicate with all your aircraft. All that is required to access this easy-to-use interface is an internet connection.

HawkEye 7200

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The HawkEye 7200 is a portable system that requires no installation and offers incredibly accurate flight following as well as Bluetooth 2-way messaging for iPad and EFB connection.

HawkEye 7200A

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The fixed-installed HawkEye 7200A is our most advanced tracking device. Its next-generation technology autonomously detects anomalies in-flight and increases the rate of reporting accordingly.