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Installed devices like GPS vehicle tracking systems are permanently mounted in electronic bays, engine compartments, or other locations where permanent power is connected to the base transceiver. Usually vehicle asset tracking systems are configured to start up and begin operating at the same time the aircraft, vehicle or vessel is started up. The advantages of an installed aviation tracker device is that it removes the chance of forgetting to turn the unit on, and it protects  the device/prevents damage to the unit during normal operations.

All Installed Devices, like GPS vehicle tracking systems, come with 1 year warranty and full SkyRouter Capability included at no cost.

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ACH1000 Control head unit

Advanced Control Head (ACH1000)

The ACH1000 control head integrates with the on-board intercom system, allowing the pilot or co-pilot to easily dial or receive calls directly through the headset, when used in conjunction with D1000-series product.

  • Aviation
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HawkEye 5300 Satellite Tracking Device

HawkEye 5300 (HE5300)

Dual-mode Iridium/GSM device for all vehicles types, automatic communication with SkyRouter. Optional Dash-mounted navigation touch screen and OBDII telematics components.

  • Land Mobile
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D1000C satellite tracking device for aviation


FAA certified device for fixed or rotary wing aircraft with optional dash-mounted control panels and intercom integration. Bluetooth hotspot and satellite phone enabled.

  • Aviation
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D1000A with Optional Control Head


The FAA and Iridium certified D1000A enables optimized fleet utilization through extensive reporting capabilities and backend analysis tools.

  • Aviation
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