Erickson Air-Crane Utilizes Satellite Tracking Tools for Aerial Firefighting

“Pilots of firefighting aircraft have a challenging job, but being equipped with Blue Sky Network’s D1000 gives us peace of mind…” said Erickson Air-Crane Chief Pilot Dave Barnett.

Erickson Air-Crane, a leading global provider of aerial cargo and firefighting services, has chosen Blue Sky Network as its solution provider for Satellite tracking and communications. Outfitting its heavy-lift air cranes with Blue Sky Network’s D1000 (an AFF-compliant Iridium Satellite Tracker), Erickson is able to effectively communicate, coordinate and plan fire fighting operations for improved situation awareness, overall safety and coordination, helping to ensure that fires are extinguished as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Erickson Air-Crane drop


Polar First Attempts Record-Setting Helicopter Flight

“Considering the inherent danger…it is a relief to know we can rely on the Blue Sky Network flight tracker to keep us in contact with our crew on the ground at all times, no matter where we are.” said pilot Jennifer Murray.

With the Blue Sky Network onboard, Polar First helicopter expedition teams continue to set records of circumnavigating the globe by way of the poles. Notably, in 2003, during their 1st and near tragic attempt which ending in a crash, Bly Sky Network’s D1000 GPS enabled flight tracking telemetry system was the single crucial component of the voyage which immediately directed emergency crews to the crash location, a safety net with undoubtedly ended up saving lives.

Polar First


Lindbergh Flight Reenactment to Use Blue Sky Network Equipment; New Spirit of St. Louis Equipped With BlueSkyLink Satellite Communications

“Blue Sky Network equipment was absolutely central to the success of the New Spirit of St. Louis flight.” said Erik Lindbergh.

Bly Sky Network state of the art satellite system accompanied Erik Lindbergh (grandson of Charles Lindbergh) on the recreation of his grandfather voyage from New York to Paris on the 75th anniversary of this history trip. Erik flew a Lancair Columbia 300 across the U.S. and the Atlantic with Blue Sky Network equipment installed in the New Spirit of St. Louis aircraft and he underlined the importance of the satellite communications system enabling him to stay in continual communications with the world through the Blue Sky Network and the Iridium satellite system.


Blue Sky Network Tracking and Satellite Communication Solutions Used During Hurricane Katrina Emergencies

“As a captain with the Sulphur Fire Department in Louisiana, I can attest first-hand to the power of Iridium’s mobile satellite communications service [provided via Blue Sky Network] in a large scale disaster.” said Captain Brandon Blalock

During the Katrina emergency, Blue Sky Network technology was key in providing crucial tracking and email capabilities to the Sulphur Fire Department’s rescue efforts. With truck mounted Blue Sky Network D1000 tracking and messaging units, emergency planners and organizers were able to communicate and coordinate their efforts through Iridium satellite services when most other communications channels were non-operative. This communication life-line not only saved lives but was essential in providing telemetry data during post-incident analysis by government officials.


Blue Sky Network Is Proud to Be a Part of the First Non-Stop Solo Round-the-World Record Attempt

In early 2004, Blue Sky Network teamed up with Steve Fossett and the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer team to provide global flight tracking, engine monitoring and 2-way email messaging for the first every solo, non-stop flight around the globe. The Global Flyer was equipped with a Blue Sky Network D1000 and a portable Iridium phone. Steve was using Blue Sky Network’s D1000 for tracking, email messaging and telemetry requirements and a 9505A phone for voice communications.


Open Passage Expedition

The mission of Open Passage Expedition is to draw awareness to global warming issues and the impact as warmer temperatures. Blue Sky Network is proud to contribute to the effort by equipping the 40-foot sailing vessel with a D2000 GPS tracking and communications solution and an Iridium 9555 satellite phone for its voyage through Canada’s Northwest Passage.