5 Reasons you Shouldn’t Hesitate to Implement Real-time Aircraft Tracking

Blue Sky Network has been at the forefront of aircraft tracking since 2003 and is proud of our sophisticated tracking devices and industry-leading back end portal. This blog examines some of the benefits that our customers routinely claim tracking their aircraft in real-time offers:



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1. Increase Safety

Safety is one of the, if not the, most common benefit attributed to aircraft tracking. It is hard to place a tangible value on significantly increasing the

level of safety in your operations.  To illustrate how our systems can save lives, Polar First crashed during an initial attempt to circumnavigate the

globe by way of the North and South Poles. The Blue Sky Network system and web-based SkyRouter alerted and directed emergency crews to the

exact location of the crash and got them help immediately. The crew believes this solution saved their lives.

Jennifer Murray

2. Achieve Better Coordination and Utilization of Aircraft

When pilots can regularly communicate with the dispatcher for updated aircraft position and schedule this leads to better coordination and

utilization of the aircraft. In turn this leads to lower operational costs and increased operational efficiency. Don’t take our word for it though; see

what this pilot Matt Dearden of Susi Air tweeted about the ACH1000:


3. There is No Extra Burden on Pilots or Operators

Blue Sky Network devices can be easily integrated with other on-board equipment and require no pilot interaction is required during flight. The

HawkEye 7200 is a popular, portable device that requires absolutely no installation. For our back-end web portal, SkyRouter 3, all that is required

to access it  is a login and an  internet connection.


“You guys are SPOT ON! Thanks and keep up the great work.”  – Erickson Helicopters feedback on SkyRouter 3.

4. Greater Oversight

Not only does an operator know where an aircraft is at all times, there are also 50 different events that the device can report to SkyRouter.

Parameters  such as geofences (boundaries with latitudes and longitudes) can be set in the shape operators want and aircraft tracked to see

whether they stay within  these boundaries. Accurate start and stop times can also help operators to bill clients or assess the number of hours a

pilot has flown. Gain insights into your operations that only our eyes in the sky can provide.

Geofences on Computer

5. Minimal Cost

Considering all of the benefits Blue Sky Network’s real-time aircraft tracking devices deliver to your operations, our devices are value priced.

The cost of sending position reports is also nominal – reporting 200 times during a 10 hour flight between Moscow and Philadelphia is only $20.

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Every operation is different and hence benefits in different ways. To learn more about how a Blue Sky Network aircraft tracking device can help

assist your operations, fill out the Contact Us form on the left.