Blue Sky Launches New Analytics Tools Through SkyRouter 3

Blue Sky launches new analytics tools through SkyRouter 3

Published by Vertical Magazine

The satellite flight tracking company Blue Sky Network has rolled out new analytics tools for users of its SkyRouter 3 web portal.

SkyRouter 3 already allows Blue Sky customers to track their assets in real-time on an interactive map. Now, users will also be able to access valuable flight time reports from the same convenient, cloud-based portal.

“We’re very excited,” said Blue Sky CEO Kambiz Aghili, who provided an online demo of the analytics tools to Vertical in August. Blue Sky has been providing similar demos to existing customers to “very positive” feedback, Aghili said.

Blue Sky’s new analytics dashboards allow users to generate numerical and graphical reports of total flight time by asset, region, and fleet over any selected time period. That allows operations and maintenance managers to see at a glance how much their aircraft are flying, and where. Managers can also easily track trends in utilization over periods of days, weeks, or months.

Additional dashboards allow users to see average and maximum altitudes and velocities, and to track types of alerts by region. Although Blue Sky has developed a basic suite of tools for all users, Aghili emphasized that Blue Sky also has the ability to develop custom tools to meet users’ needs.

flight tracking analytics graph

Flight Time Comparison from Blue Sky Network’s SkyRouter

“We are a solutions-driven company,” he emphasized. “We are in the business of consultative partnerships with our end users.”

Aghili was named CEO of San Diego, California-based Blue Sky in October of 2016… He and Gregoire Demory, who is now president of the company, took over the reins from Jon Gilbert, a pilot who founded Blue Sky in 2001.

Aghili earned an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management — where he is also an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship — and a PhD in computer science from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He has both an educational and a professional background in big data, pattern recognition, and analytics, and told Vertical he sees great potential for applying that expertise to the aviation world.

Primarily, however, he wants to take an already strong company to the next level. In coming to Blue Sky, he said, “I really wanted to focus on one business, and help grow that business for many years to come.”

Blue Sky has made several significant announcements since Aghili and Demory came on board. In June, the company upgraded SkyRouter 3 with other notable features, including new aviation weather overlays and aeronautical chart base maps.

Later that month, the company announced a strategic data exchange agreement with the maintenance tracking software provider Digital AirWare. The partnership provides for the exchange of Blue Sky flight tracking data — including flight start and stop times and exceedances — to Digital AirWare users, providing them with “a whole new level of automation,” according to Digital AirWare CEO and founder Joaquin Demoreta.

Aghili said he looks forward to rolling out more products and services in the near future — all with the goal of helping Blue Sky customers operate more safely and efficiently.

“This is really about understanding what they do and how we can be helpful to them, “he said. “We’re very young, we’re very entrepreneurial, and we move at things very, very quickly.”


By Elan Head

Originally published by Vertical Magazine

October/November 2017 edition, page 29

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