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At Blue Sky Network, we embed the latest technologies into our products to help businesses improve their operations and profitability. We offer turn-key solutions for staying connected to mobile assets anywhere in the world. We provide hardware, cloud-based software, Iridium satellite service, and 24/7 technical support to our aviation, marine and land based customers. We are proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified.

A Complete Solution

Blue Sky Network is a pioneer in the development of satellite tracking systems and two-way communication for remotely active private, commercial, and government fleets worldwide. Our core business is leveraging the Iridium satellite network with our superior engineered tracking and communication hardware integrated with our industry-leading cloud based Command Center – SkyRouter.

Our “best-of-breed” components are built on our ideas married with customer input like variable rate tracking reports based on time and/or distance or virtual geo-fences, and integrating current technologies, like robust Bluetooth connectivity. We’ve led the market with advanced engineered solutions like dual-mode (GSM-Iridium) devices that take care of least cost routing in overlapping coverage environments and satellite services.

Our BSN Bluetooth-enabled devices in concert with our sophisticated Apps, exploit the power of an iOS smartphone/tablet to do advanced messaging, custom forms, and even individual satellite tracking systems anywhere in the world. SkyRouter is the command center that is the operation heart for seeing and managing all these remote devices. SkyRouter’s secure cloud-based services offer customers superb control and the comfort of exceptional reliability.

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Satellite Technology Pioneer

Blue Sky Network was one of the first companies to harness the power of the Iridium satellite network to offer fleet managers the ability to track and communicate with their field assets reliably, even in locations where traditional cellular and radio technology failed. We pride ourselves in developing unique, but reliable technology that helps our customers achieve their business goals.

Engineering Reliability Into Every Product

Our engineering team has remained focused on reliability as our products expanded from FAA-certified aviation systems to include solutions for land mobile, maritime and personal security. We know thousands of people depend on Blue Sky Network systems each and every day, and we engineer them to work reliably in almost every type of environment imaginable. Designed for functionality, engineered for reliability.

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Memberships & Affiliations

Tier 1 Iridium Partner

Blue Sky Network is proud to be an authorized Tier 1 Service Partner, Value Added Reseller, and Service Center for Iridium. Working as a close partner of Iridium for over 13 years, our products complement and enhance the power and capability of the Iridium satellite network.

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Unmatched Technical & Customer Support

At Blue Sky Network, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. That is why we are and have been a leader in the SATCOM industry for over two decades. Committed to answering all of your questions and finding the best solution for your business and application, we offer live effective support and 24 hour / 7 days a week emergency call service. Join the thousands of customers that depend on Blue Sky Network for superior products and support every day.