Air Greenland Deploys Blue Sky Network Equipment to Monitor and Communicate with Aircraft Fleet

Air Greenland Deploys Blue Sky Network Equipment to Monitor and Communicate with Aircraft Fleet

International airline improves safety and operational efficiency with satellite-based solution

La Jolla, Calif., February 27, 2007 – Blue Sky Network (BSN), the global satellite logistics solution provider for two-way linking and managing remote transportation assets, today announced that Air Greenland has deployed its equipment on 17 of its rotor wing and fixed wing aircraft. As Greenland’s primary commercial airline, the company depends on this Blue Sky Network flight tracking solution to provide near real-time GPS mapping of its aircraft as well as a live voice channel for pilots to stay in contact with ground personnel while flying in remote, unpopulated regions.

Air Greenland installed Blue Sky Network’s D1000A and ACH1000 on most of its planes and helicopters, including eight Eurocopter AS350’s, eight Bell helicopters, and one King Air BE200 airplane. Prior to purchasing this product, the airline complied with CAA flight tracking regulations with manually radioed aircraft position reports made by its pilots every 15 minutes. After installing the Blue Sky Network flight tracking equipment, this time-intensive activity was eliminated. Blue Sky Network’s Iridium-satellite based telemetry terminal uses GPS technology to automatically transmit this critical operating data to the ground crew, including real-time location information, via SkyRouter, an interactive web portal.

“With Blue Sky Network’s satellite tracking and communication equipment, we have a reliable, consistent way of following and connecting with our flight crews,” said Air Greenland technical director Peter Bjerre. “Our aircraft are frequently required to travel through desolate and potentially dangerous areas, and the Blue Sky Network solution allows us to speak with, or send messages to our pilots at any time. This substantially increases the safety level and communication efficiency of our organization.”

The unique SkyRouter global web portal provides Air Greenland with a reliable, secure solution for tracking of its aircraft. From any Internet connection, dispatchers can access SkyRouter’s detailed map feature and communicate with its flight crews in the form of two-way text messages, GPS position reports, or telemetric data transmitted continuously from the aircraft. Dispatchers can even use Google Earth for live monitoring of the fleet.

The ACH1000 operates in combination with the Blue Sky Network D-Series products operating over the Iridium satellite constellation. Features of the D-Series include flight tracking, two-way email messaging, sensor data/telemetry reporting as well as voice. The ACH1000/D1000 seamlessly integrates with SkyRouter, and is therefore linked with the aircraft anywhere in the world with Internet access. All Blue Sky subscribers have access to SkyRouter, where they can view and utilize integrated online flight tracking, messaging, position reports, account information and much more.

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