HAI Heli-Expo: Day Two

HAI Heli-Expo: Day Two



While the Kentucky Derby is two months away Blue Sky Network invites you to giddy up for the second day of HAI Heli Expo 2016

Day two of HAI Heli Expo 2016 flew by just as fast as day one. Here at Blue Sky Network HQ we have been busy researching horse puns and Kentucky Derby related jokes. Did we dig up anything funny? The answer, unfortunately, is neigh.

Thankfully, Nick and Jeff have had better luck with current customers and attendees jockeying to learn more about the HawkEye Series (the HawkEye 7200 and 7200A).

Current customers with the D1000 series were eager to learn more about options for upgrading to the HawkEye 7200A. While the D1000 series is an excellent system in its own right, the HawkEye 7200A is five pounds lighter. It is also equipped with the most advanced voice and data satellite transceiver module on the market and truly keeps us ahead of the curve in terms of technology and being able to provide our customers with a ‘best of the best’ solution.

With no time for horsing around, the rest of day two was spent collecting raffle entries for the HawkEye 7200 giveaway and educating existing and potential customers on our aircraft tracking systems. At one point day, Jeff managed to orchestrate a WebEx demonstration to a group of 4-5 prospects. This level of interest is no surprise to us as the newest version of our back-end web portal – SkyRouter 3 – is currently locked in a one-horse race for best fleet management tool in the aviation industry.


By the end of the day, a quick conference call with the duo convinced us just how hard at work they’ve been, with two horse voices on the other line.

Hopefully by tomorrow Nick and Jeff will be in a stable condition. To find out if they are, enter the HawkEye 7200 satellite tracking device raffle, and learn more about Blue Sky Network swing by our booth #6447.

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