Live Military Asset Tracking and Communications Equipment

Our industry-leading command-and-control software, SkyRouter, puts total fleet control at your fingertips. No matter where you are, no matter the mission, Blue Sky Network has got your six.
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Effective, Reliable Communication

Our solutions leverage the Iridium satellite network to enable real-time blue force tracking, two-way communication, mission coordination, operational analytics, and complete situational awareness.

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Safe and Secure

Blue Sky Network’s SkyRouter portal allows cloud-based, on-premises control using a ruggedized, standalone server with AES 256 encryption for secure military communications.

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Control, Command, and Customize

SkyRouter’s built-in overlays let you pull weather data and Military Grid Reference Systems (MGRS) coordinates right onto the control screen.

ASE 9575A HQ DOD Docking Station for Iridium 9575A Military and Defense Applications

Military-Grade Docking Stations & Portable Docking Station Kits

The 9575A Docking Station is the only commercially available docking station that supports the 9575A satellite phone handset. The 9575A is an ideal secure satellite communications solution for military and/or government operations for use anywhere in the world. The 9575A Docking Station works with Iridium Security Module 2 (ISM2) and Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services (EMSS) for global voice, data, and paging capabilities.

  • Secure sleeve docking cradle with POTS support
  • Small profile solution with wall mounting
  • Optional external antenna for Iridium and GPS capabilities
  • DOD compatibility with Iridium Security Module 2
  • Simple setup and troubleshooting
  • Ruggedized “on-the-go” pelican case kits available

Tried and Tested Blue Force Trackers

Blue Sky Network offers handheld, portable, and fixed military grade tracking devices or blue force tracker and SATCOM solutions. Designed and made in the United States, our products meet a variety of rigorous industry standards.

  • AS9100/ISO9001-compliant
  • AES 256 encryption
  • DO-160G-tested
  • Lockheed Martin OEM – C-130
  • NASA-compliant
  • NVIS-compliant – MIL3009
  • Sikorsky OEM – UH-60
  • UN-compliant
  • U.S. Forest Service-compliant
Flightcell DZMx Military Tracking Device PTT
HEPT+ military tracking device land-mobile blue force tracker

Fully Interoperable and Scalable Solutions

Integrate data from third-party solutions into the SkyRouter system for centralized command-and-control. Blue Sky Network solutions let you combine all your assets—on land, sea, or in air—into one Common Operational Picture (COP).

  • Handheld, portable, and fixed-asset tracking and SATCOM systems
  • Dual-mode (satellite and GSM), two-way communications systems
  • Ruggedized, standalone server option
  • Advanced geofencing, including device-side geofence detection
  • Built-in overlays (weather, MGRS) and custom form (flight plans, incident reports) capabilities
  • GPS and GNSS multi-mode tracking

Military Communication

Make fast, simple, and secure group communication a reality, even in the most remote regions. Blue Sky Network’s ruggedized, Push-To-Talk (PTT) satellite phones are the toughest on the market. Our Iridium-powered phones give your teams access to unparalleled situational awareness and mission-enhancing capabilities, including:

  • Over-the-air talkgroup programming
  • PTT service status
  • Device talker ID
  • Device talker distance and bearing
  • Visual and audio talkgroup scan
  • Pole-to-pole coverage
  • AES 256 encryption
Iridium Push to Talk (PTT) Satellite Phone

Global Asset Tracking & Fleet Communications Tools

With SkyRouter, the industry-leading asset tracking and communications platform, you get real-time insight and instant communication with your fleet—from anywhere in the world.

  • iPhone & Android app available
  • Real-time tracking & mapping
  • Completely secure servers
  • Innovative map overlays
  • Customizable geofences
  • Global two-way messaging
  • Automatic report generation
SkyRouter Aircraft Tracking Program
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  • google play button
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