Blue Sky Launches Aircraft Tracking Mobile Apps

Blue Sky Launches Aircraft Tracking Mobile Apps

Blue Sky Network recently launched its new SkyRouter iOS and Android mobile tracking applications that can provide real-time satellite asset tracking on the go. SkyRouter is a cloud-based solution that can track a company’s aircraft that are equipped with Blue Sky Network’s Iridium tracking and communication services. Features of the New SkyRouter aircraft tracking apps include GPS location, fleet asset lists, breadcrumb mapping, active asset indication, automated event reports and drill-down on asset events. The Android app can be downloaded at the Google Play Store and the iOS version can be found at the Apple App Store.

Mobile Tracking App for SkyRouter

The SkyRouter App is available for Android and iOS mobile devices and allows any authorized user with an internet connection to connect to SkyRouter and monitor/manage their fleet assets from their smartphone or tablet

In the event of an alert, the SkyRouter App instantly allows you to see more information about your assets in the field, and to communicate to your team while out of the office.

Key Features
  • Mobile connectivity to SkyRouter from smartphones or tablets
  • View and communicate with assets in real time
  • Immediately follow up or investigate events and alerts
  • Receive a push notification when a device enters emergency location mode
  • Send and receive forms from devices
  • View a wide range of overlays that improve asset management
  • Track assets using variable length breadcrumbs
  • View device geofences
  • Call assets directly from your mobile device
  • View saved location and waypoints
  • Advanced filtering options allow for easier asset management
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