Blue Sky Network can Assist your Operations in Cuba

Blue Sky Network can Assist your Operations in Cuba

The improvement of relations between the United States and Cuba has been well-documented over the last year. On the 27th of January 2016, further measures were taken to relax trade and travel restrictions between the two countries.

Aircraft operators should take note of these developments and many already are. In 2015 150,000 Americans travelled to Cuba, up from 91,000 the year before. This number is set to grow significantly with the U.S. – Cuba agreement allowing U.S. carriers to fly up to 20 daily scheduled round trip flights from the U.S. to Havana as well as up to 10 flights to each of Cuba’s nine other international airports.

Blue Sky Network has also been following these updates and is excited to announce that we are able to export our satellite fleet tracking and communication devices to Cuba according to Section 746.2(b) of the Export Administration Regulations with states the following items are exempt from trade restrictions:

  • Items necessary to ensure the safety of civil aviation and the safe operation of commercial aircraft engaged in international air transportation, including the export or re-export of such aircraft leased to state-owned enterprises.
  • Telecommunications items that would improve communications to, from, and among the Cuban people.

Given that a U.S. air carrier is now allowed to establish a physical presence in Cuba to support its provision of carrier services, Blue Sky Network can be an excellent partner in achieving this. As a pioneer in the development of satellite tracking and two-way communication devices, we have vast experience assisting operations in places where there is an under-developed communications infrastructure. In the case of Mongolia our hardware and back-end web portal, SkyRouter, was used as quasi-air traffic controlling system.

To start the conversation on how Blue Sky Network can help your organization overcome some of the challenges inherent in flying to a new destination such as Cuba, contact Blue Sky Network at 858-551-3894 – or visit and request a callback – for a free consultation from one of our knowledgeable aviation experts.


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