Blue Sky Network Ensures You Stay on Track

Blue Sky Network Ensures You Stay on Track

La Jolla, California – Skies magazine published an interesting article recently titled “Staying on Track” which discusses the recently mandated ICAO flight tracking requirements. The full version can be found here: It brings to attention the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) renewed focus on aircraft tracking following the disappearance of flight MH370 and provides a tidy summary of the current situation. What follows are some brief thoughts on the article and key points that relate to Blue Sky Network’s aircraft tracking system, the recently unveiled and best-in-class HawkEye 7200A. As an aside, all bolded quotes are taken directly from the article.

Meet ICAO Tracking Requirements with HawkEye 7200A

“Performance-based requirements for the seamless transmission of position data from an aircraft at least every 15 minutes.” -ICAO

The performance-based criteria nature of the ICAO flight tracking requirements is important as it means that “states and industry can take advantage of the most technically- and cost-effective solutions at any given time”. This provides operators with the flexibility to achieve safety objectives in a manner that best suits their organization.  The HE7200A is an easy choice for operators as it meets or exceeds this performance based criteria. Its flexible firmware platform also allows for easy remote upgrades to onboard hardware as the ICAO-GADSS requirements evolve. This means that your aircraft is not locked into a system that will be supplanted by superior solutions.

“There are areas of the world where airplane tracking capabilities are limited by lack of communications infrastructure, interference issues, or other factors that impact use of technology.” -Aircraft Tracking Task Force (ATTF) report

Blue Sky Network has thrived in the furthest corners of the globe, evident in the fact that our devices are used on all seven continents. Supported by Iridium’s powerful network of satellites, the HawkEye 7200A’s dual-mode (GPS and GLONASS) aircraft tracking system allows for 100% global visibility anywhere in the world. With the HawkEye 7200A and Blue Sky Network’s state-of-the-art command center, SkyRouter, you can stay connected via radio and satellite airplane tracking at all times.

“Verified that there are existing technologies, services, and procedures that can enhance airplane tracking in the near-term.” -ATTF report

Blue Sky Network is one such solution provider and this is why we were invited to attend a safety conference held by ICAO in Montreal last April to present our satellite live airplane tracking solutions and services. Blue Sky Network has been at the forefront of the conversation surrounding live airplane tracking. On top of defining the mandate, ICAO has also started the process of implementing these tracking requirements. Hence, there has never been a better time than right now to discuss your GPS fleet tracking needs with a member of our knowledgeable team.

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