Blue Sky Network Expands Product Line with Portable Satellite-Based Communications Equipment for Aviation Industry

Blue Sky Network Expands Product Line with Portable Satellite-Based Communications Equipment for Aviation Industry

The D2000MA/MDA solution installs in less than a minute, easing the process for aircraft owners

La Jolla, CA – February 20, 2007 – Blue Sky Network, the global logistics solution provider for two-way linking and managing transportation assets via satellite, today announced the expansion to its aviation product line with the D2000MA/MDA. This compact and carry-on flight-tracking device not only supplies customers with real-time position reporting of their helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, but also provides continuous text messaging and short code reporting between pilots and ground crew. Due to its small size, the D2000MA/MDA is very easy to install, taking less than a minute in standard installations.

Utilizing next-generation technology, the D2000MA/MDA offers operators the ability to easily monitor the locations of multiple aircraft. This device, at approximately the size and weight of a car stereo, fits easily into small cockpits and is ideally suited for transport between aircraft. Also, because the D2000MA/MDA can operate for 24 hours on a single battery charge, pilots with little or no access to electricity are still able to maintain communication with their ground personnel at all times. Additionally, the D2000MA/MDA is in compliance with the Canadian and U.S. Forest Services.

“We believe the D2000MA/MDA with its convenient, portable size is exceptionally well-suited for smaller aircraft,” said Blue Sky Network’s president, Jon Gilbert. “By allowing mission control to instantly pinpoint and communicate with their airborne transportation assets, this product drastically improves flight operation control and flight safety – an invaluable benefit for any aircraft dependent organization.”

The D2000MA/MDA works in connection with Blue Sky Network’s unique SkyRouter asset management portal, a web-based tool for asset tracking and communications, and integrates easily with Google Earth. The onboard unit transmits reports (such as takeoff and landing) from the aircraft directly to the site for review by operations, dispatch, management or even customers.

About Blue Sky Network
Blue Sky Network is the leading provider of global logistics solutions for two-way linking and managing remote transportation assets via satellite. Using its interactive Web portal, SkyRouter, with detailed mapping and integration with Google Earth, Blue Sky Network links enterprises to personnel and assets anywhere on earth over the Iridium satellite network. FAA-certified data and voice products enable users to customize features including safety and event reporting. Blue Sky Network’s exceptional customer service and management team make it the perfect partner for adding true global communication to your transport network. For more information, please visit

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