Blue Sky Network Integrates Its SkyRouter Web Portal with Google Earth for Highest Level of Flight Tracking Detail

Blue Sky Network Integrates Its SkyRouter Web Portal with Google Earth for Highest Level of Flight Tracking Detail

Uniquely provides 3-D maps of current and past flights for overview analysis

La Jolla, Calif.–March 27, 2006 –Blue Sky Network, the global satellite logistics solution for two-way linking and managing remote transportation assets, today announced integration between its interactive Web portal, SkyRouter, and Google Earth. The new capability provides users with a detailed satellite image overlaid with a 3-D view of an asset’s track.

Integration of the popular mapping system from Google now enables users on the ground to track live flights, as well as examine past flights for detailed analysis. SkyRouter provides a visual representation of each past journey, making it easy to compare and contrast flights. This is especially important when comparing the history of several trips.

Additionally, analyzing past flights in Google Earth can be a tremendous benefit for operators. For example, pipe and power line controllers can see exact paths, altitudes, and speeds for a specific flight, and operators can analyze incident reports (natural disasters, EMS sites, etc).

“This integration with Google Earth shows, once again, SkyRouter’s capability and flexibility,” said Jon Gilbert, president and CEO of Blue Sky Network. “Our customers and their customers can see real satellite images and where assets are and have been – offering a new level of safety and visibility that can’t be found elsewhere.”

The Google Earth overlay is available to all SkyRouter customers free of charge. The Google map integration was demonstrated for the first time earlier this month during Steve Fossett’s record-breaking flight around the world. The map of his flight is available to see at

Blue Sky Network is the first satellite tracking company to provide global tracking, messaging and event management (quick position, take-off, landing and active/inactive asset updates) on the Internet, allowing dispatchers and logistics managers to view their transportation assets anywhere, anytime. Supporting its tracking and satellite communications terminals, the SkyRouter web portal gives users on the ground immediate access to data across the globe from all transportation assets (aircraft, vessels, land-based) in a simple, user-friendly format, and now on Google Earth too.

About Blue Sky Network
Blue Sky Network (BSN) is the leading provider of global logistics solutions for two-way linking and managing remote transportation assets via satellite. Using its interactive Web portal, SkyRouter, with detailed mapping, BSN links enterprises to personnel and assets anywhere on earth over the Iridium satellite network. Our FAA-certified data and voice products enable users to customize features including safety and event reporting. BSN’s exceptional customer service and management team make it the perfect partner for adding true global communication to your transport network. For more information, please visit

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