Blue Sky Network Introduces First Widely-Available Dual-Mode Iridium/GSM Tracking and Communication Device

Blue Sky Network Introduces First Widely-Available Dual-Mode Iridium/GSM Tracking and Communication Device

La Jolla, Calif. — January 25, 2011 — Blue Sky Network, a leading, global provider of GPS tracking and communication solutions for land, sea, and aviation assets, today introduces the HawkEye 5300, the first widely-available dual-mode real time flight tracking device leveraging both GSM and Iridium satellite capabilities. The HawkEye 5300 offers two-way real time communication which automatically and seamlessly switches between Iridium and quad-band GSM networks. This provides land fleet operators with lower monthly tracking costs while delivering 100% global visibility and unmatched safety when most needed.

Land fleet operators no longer have to choose between safety, reliability and affordability. Leveraging the reliable Iridium satellite network, the HawkEye 5300 provides uninterrupted real time flight tracking even in the most remote regions, thereby ensuring safety for long distance trucking, dangerous remote routes and high security operations, such as high value or hazardous cargo. It also offers instant notification of vehicle operation after-hours or in unsafe zones, and remote Internet-based fleet monitoring. Blue Sky Network’s relationship with GSM service providers ensures cost effective ?eet tracking and communications anywhere GSM services are available.

The HawkEye 5300 is part of Blue Sky Networks new series of next generation real-time vehicle tracking and monitoring solutions that are designed to provide more than just GPS location. All HawkEye series devices have an optional LCD touch-screen display, which provides complete two-way text communication with the device anywhere in the world. The HawkEye 5200 offers Iridium-only connectivity and is targeted for vehicles that regularly require anywhere, anytime fleet tracking. The HawkEye 5100 allows true remote monitoring and control anywhere there is comprehensive GSM/GPRS cellular coverage. Fleet operators can mix and match HawkEye devices to provide customized solutions that best meet their needs since the features are common to all Hawkeye devices.

“GSM is very cost effective, but it is often unavailable in remote locations where the danger is highest and the need greatest,” said Jon Gilbert, CEO and founder of Blue Sky Network. “The HawkEye 5300 provides fleet operators with the best of both worlds by economically delivering uninterrupted tracking no matter how remote the area. Users can monitor and communicate with their fleets at all times to ensure complete safety and accountability.”

Blue Sky Network is the leading provider of global satellite communication and logistics solutions for two-way linking and managing aviation, land mobile and marine assets. Blue Sky Network is a Tier One Service Partner, Value Added Manufacturer, and Value Added Reseller for Iridium Communications Inc., the only true global satellite communications network in the world capable of delivering essential voice and data services to and from remote regions including jungles, oceans, and airways where no other form of reliable communication exists.

About Blue Sky Network

Blue Sky Network is a leading global provider of voice and data services via the Iridium satellite network. Our aviation, marine and vehicle products for GPS tracking, real time flight tracking and fleet management provide reliable fleet tracking and communication services. Blue Sky Network’s solutions serve the Aviation, Oil and Gas, Government, Forestry, Mining, Supply Chain Management and Intermodal Transportation markets. Founded in 2001, Blue Sky Network is headquartered in La Jolla, California with customers and distributors worldwide. For more information about our company and solutions, visit the Blue Sky Network website at

About Iridium Communications Inc.

Iridium Communications Inc. ( is the only mobile satellite service (MSS) company offering coverage over the entire globe. The Iridium constellation of low-Earth orbiting (LEO) cross-linked satellites provides critical voice and data services for areas not served by terrestrial communication networks. Iridium serves commercial markets through a worldwide network of distributors, and provides services to the U.S. Department of Defense and other U.S. and international government agencies. The company’s customers represent a broad spectrum of industry, including maritime, aeronautical, government/defense, public safety, utilities, oil/gas, mining, forestry, heavy equipment and transportation. Iridium has launched a major development program for its next-generation satellite constellation, Iridium NEXT. The company is headquartered in McLean, Va., U.S.A. and trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the ticker symbols IRDM (common stock), IRDMW ($7.00 warrants), IRDMZ ($11.50 warrants) and IRDMU (units).

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