Blue Sky Network Introduces Innovative and Efficient Satellite Solution for Aviation Asset Management

Blue Sky Network Introduces Innovative and Efficient Satellite Solution for Aviation Asset Management

The Sky Is No Longer the Limit

La Jolla, CA – September 16, 2003 – Blue Sky Network, a pioneer in satellite communications for the aviation industry, will unveil an unprecedented solution for satellite based aircraft tacking and management at the HeliTech 2003 show in Duxford, U.K., on September 23. Blue Sky Network’s new D1000 mobile terminals, along with the Blue Sky Network SkyRouter server software form the company’s new packet data information network. The SkyRouter network and D-1000 terminals provide near real time flight tracking, two-way messaging between aircraft and ground, and user defined customized telemetry reporting for fleet management. All satellite links utilize the Iridium Satellite System.

On the ground, by logging on to, owners, fleet operators, dispatchers, and corporate clients can track flights, send and receive data messages to and from aircraft in flight, download telemetric data, and even manage account and billing information. The SkyRouter system offers data services that are flexible, powerful, intelligent, global, and virtually immediate. Never before has one solution offered such comprehensive – and customizable – communications between aircraft and ground.

Blue Sky Network’s D1000 innovative terminals include an embedded GPS, emergency backup battery, and a clever single antenna feed for both GPS and Iridium signaling. There is even a Quick Position button for those, “can’t wait, send now,” position requirements. Through a standard Ethernet connection to the unit, the user can send and receive email messages, set and change the reporting variables within the D1000, including frequency of position reporting and origin and destination of flights among other items. Any browser-based device (laptop or PDA) may connect through the Ethernet connection without requiring special software on the attached device – plug and play. Data is rapidly transferred from D1000 terminals on aircraft from anywhere in the world via the SkyRouter server network.

The D1000 is designed for either fixed installation, or complete portability. When permanently installed, the modem unit is placed remotely in an avionics bay, while the corresponding control unit is installed directly into the cockpit control panel of the aircraft. When portable, the two units fit together into a small-profile terminal weighing about six pounds. The FAA STC process is currently under-way.

Blue Sky Network offers the SkyRouter solution in turnkey kits, including the D1000, antennas and all required installation hardware. Kits can be upgraded to include the Motorola Satellite Series 9505 portable telephone or the versatile Blue Sky Network C1000 fixed installation satellite phone. Upgraded kits include dual-channel antennas, tuned for Iridium and GPS, allowing data transmission and voice calls to take place simultaneously, using only one antenna.

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