Blue Sky Network Launches Cockpit Integrated Satellite Voice Capabilities and Short Code Messaging for Tracking Products

Blue Sky Network Launches Cockpit Integrated Satellite Voice Capabilities and Short Code Messaging for Tracking Products

Panel Mounted Control Head receives STC from the FAA

La Jolla, CA. – November 28, 2005 – Blue Sky Network, the global logistics solution provider for two-way linking and managing aviation assets via satellite, today announced a new satellite based panel mounted control head for aircraft. The ACH1000 adds cockpit integrated voice capabilities as well as short code messaging to its D1000-Series global satellite flight tracking products. The ACH1000 has been STC’d by the FAA.

The ACH1000 is the perfect solution for providing global voice and messaging capability to and from the cockpit via satellite. Its voice integration features allow pilots to easily dial anywhere in the world, use speed dial numbers, or receive calls directly through the audio controller and thus directly to the headset. Pilots can be in easy voice contact with dispatch centers or other operation offices.

The ACH1000 leverages the advanced capabilities of Blue Sky Network’s recently announced SkyRouter, an interactive Web portal with detailed global mapping for tracking transportation assets anywhere on earth. Working seamlessly with SkyRouter, the new control head also allows users to send and receive user defined short code messages. At the push of a button, pilots can send messages from the aircraft signaling special events such as: take-off, landing, request wx update, stopping for fuel, etc. From the ground, dispatch or other parties may send free form messages via SkyRouter’s management interface directly to the aircraft. The short codes are completely configurable and unique to each user.

“The ACH1000 offers pilots and operations a quantum jump in the cost/benefit of SATCOM,” said Jon Gilbert, president of Blue Sky Network. “This functionality has not been available before in satellite-based communications at anywhere near this price. This unique solution for air to ground connection creates enormous efficiencies and concurrently provides a new level of safety.”

The ACH1000 operates in combination with the Blue Sky Network D-Series products operating over the Iridium satellite constellation. Features of the D-Series include flight tracking, two-way email messaging, sensor data/telemetry reporting as well as voice. The ACH1000/D1000 seamlessly integrates with SkyRouter, and is therefore linked with the aircraft anywhere in the world with Internet access. All Blue Sky subscribers have access to SkyRouter, where they can view and utilize integrated online flight tracking, messaging, position reports, account information and much more.

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