Blue Sky Network Launches New ICAO-GADSS White Paper

Blue Sky Network Launches New ICAO-GADSS White Paper

La Jolla, CA. – Today, Blue Sky Network, LLC, released a white paper that tackles five misconceptions surrounding the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System (GADSS) flight tracking standard.

In this white paper entitled, “Ensuring no Aircraft in Distress is Lost: ICAO-GADSS Concept of Global Flight Tracking,” Blue Sky Network examines misconceptions that bias the global flight tracking and aircraft communications discussion away from the search for complete solutions, toward patch-work solutions that fail to fulfill certain basic tenets of the standard. This white paper argues that it is imperative to ensure that any technology implementation, at the very least, fulfills the complete aircraft satellite tracking elements of GADSS.

“Blue Sky Network, LLC has been involved in this evolving discussion since ICAO set its sight on creating such a standard” said Jon Gilbert, President/CEO of Blue Sky Network. “ICAO’s objective of making autonomous global flight tracking a reality, certainly as a result of the frustration around trying to locate Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, follows the aviation community’s historical movement of learning lessons from the past.”

Gilbert continued, “However because this new standard is performance-based, certain early commentary has grown to such stature that little has been written to clearly outline ICAO’s GADSS actual tracking vision. The misconceptions surround issues like cost, the capabilities of existing technology, who is responsible, and other ‘gray’ areas.  These are all tackled in this document. Our aim was to create a white paper that is educational and informative as well as clarifying for those involved in commercial airline operations, and who will ultimately be responsible for ICAO GADSS tracking implementation.”

This white paper is a must read for anyone seeking to better understand what is being done to avoid the disappearance of aircraft like MH370 and drawn-out searches for aircraft as witnessed with Air France 447, and most recently EgyptAir flight 804. The paper can be read and downloaded at:

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