Blue Sky Network Launches SkyRouter 2, Advanced Web Portal for Comprehensive Tracking of Air, Land and Marine Assets

Blue Sky Network Launches SkyRouter 2, Advanced Web Portal for Comprehensive Tracking of Air, Land and Marine Assets

La Jolla, Calif. — March 7, 2011 — Blue Sky Network, a leading, global provider of satellite tracking and communication solutions for land, sea, and aviation, today introduced SkyRouter 2. This web portal’s detailed global mapping solution and unrivaled user interface allow administrators to more easily view, track, and communicate with every aircraft, vehicle, ship, and person in their organization.

The new features build upon Blue Sky Network’s global web portal that supports remote monitoring of globally dispersed and critical assets. Users can track assets, communicate via simple text messaging, and receive and update trip plans. Key new features for SkyRouter 2 include:

Customized Compound Rules: Administrators can also create custom rules and alerts based on specific events or combinations of events, such as customizing notifications based on business specific data points. For example, managers can know when a vehicle is started after hours, when a vehicle is speeding, stopped, “out of bounds,” or driving erratically.

Same Page, Multiple Maps: All assets can be tracked on one map, or each geographic area can be viewed on separate maps. Both street and aerial (image) views are available for any area in the world. Users of Blue Sky Network’s HawkEye 5300 dual-mode tracking devices can also see which network—GSM or Iridium—provided position and event data, which allows a seamless view of network coverage for planning purposes.

Ease of Use: SkyRouter’s point-and-click interface makes tracking, creating reports, and every aspect of fleet management easy to execute, understand, and share.

The playback feature of SkyRouter 2 offers additional visibility and accountability. The playback system is unlimited and recording begins upon installation. It incorporates onboard diagnostic tools recording the routes and activities of all assets, which gives administrators the data required to better manage their transportation assets.

“With the launch of SkyRouter in 2003, Blue Sky Network pioneered using a web portal for asset tracking,” said Jon Gilbert, founder and CEO of Blue Sky Network. “This important upgrade is the result of extensive market research and feedback from Blue Sky Network’s thousands of users. With cutting-edge features such geo-fencing and street-level mapping, we are proud to offer SkyRouter2 to our customers. ”

Demos of SkyRouter 2 will be available at the 2011 HeliExpo March 5-8 in Orlando, Florida. For more information on Blue Sky Network and SkyRouter 2, please visit:

About Blue Sky Network
Blue Sky Network is a leading global provider of voice and data services via the Iridium satellite network. Our aviation, marine and vehicle products for GPS tracking, real time flight tracking and fleet management provide reliable fleet tracking and communication services. Blue Sky Network’s solutions serve the Aviation, Oil and Gas, Government, Forestry, Mining, Supply Chain Management and Intermodal Transportation markets. Founded in 2001, Blue Sky Network is headquartered in La Jolla, California with customers and distributors worldwide. For more information about our company and solutions, visit the Blue Sky Network website at


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