Blue Sky Network Receives STC on the Versatile C1000A – Fixed-Installation Satellite Voice And Data Solution

Blue Sky Network Receives STC on the Versatile C1000A – Fixed-Installation Satellite Voice And Data Solution

The Sky Is No Longer the Limit

La Jolla, CA – September 16, 2003 – Blue Sky Network, a pioneer in satellite communications for the aviation industry, has received an STC for the C1000A; its newest Iridium based global satellite fixed-installation voice/data solution. The unit will be formally introduced at the HeliTech 2003 show in Duxford, U.K., on September 23. Blue Sky Network began shipping units this month.

The flexible new product, a fixed-installation Iridium satellite telephone system, uses an analog signal to provide crew and passengers access to voice and data connections from as many locations in the aircraft as desired, using a variety of communication hardware. In addition, the C1000A can be interfaced to many existing, but more expensive, airborne telephone systems allowing customers significantly lower communication costs. Blue Sky Network is an Iridium Service Partner and provides service plans that are very competitive, easy to understand, and strategic for corporate owners and operators.

The C1000A system includes a feature rich modem unit, which is typically installed remotely, most often in an avionics bay. In the cockpit, an interface to an optional standard telephone dialer in the audio panel would allow pilot and crew to make and receive calls through headsets, while continually monitoring air traffic control. In the cabin, standard RJ-11 connectors can be installed in as many locations as desired and/or analog handsets can be permanently installed. The C1000A can be configured to accommodate any one of several FAA certified cordless phones currently on the market.

With the additional installation of DB-9 connectors, crew and passengers can enjoy data dial-up connections for laptops from multiple locations in the aircraft, benefiting from Iridium Direct Internet data at up to 10 Kbps.

The modem unit can be coupled with Blue Sky Network’s fixed-installation cabin console unit, which features an included Motorola Digital handset, an RJ-11 connector for analog phones, and a DB-9 connector for data dial-up. Equipped with a SIM card reader for easily insertable cards, the cabin console unit allows crewmembers and passengers to use individualized SIM cards, for separate service plans and billing accounts.

C1000A units are sold in pre-packaged kits, complete with FAA TSO’d antennas tuned for Iridium, and all required installation hardware. Kits can be upgraded to include the Motorola Satellite Series 9505 portable phone and the unique Blue Sky Network FAA TSO’d dual-channel antenna, allowing for two simultaneous connections while in-flight, as well as global connectivity off the aircraft. C1000A kits are priced as low as $10,995.

About Blue Sky Network
Blue Sky Network is pioneering affordable, global satellite flight following and communications for the aviation industry, from full-featured asset tracking solutions to entry-level SATCOM voice solutions. Our aviation installation ready equipment kit prices begin at $1,695 for an entry-level SATCOM package, and range to $13,995 for a full-featured fixed and portable SATCOM solution. Kits for our D1000 asset tracking solution begin at $5,995, increasing to $11,995 for full-service fixed voice and data communications. Blue Sky Network provides global coverage through the Iridium Satellite System, including monthly per minute voice and data plans, pre-paid calling cards, individual monthly SkyRouter packet data plans, and fleet plans for SkyRouter packet data. The company is dedicated to unsurpassed customer service, including technical support 24-hours-per-day. Blue Sky Network is a member of aviation associations HAI, NBAA, AOPA, EAA, and AEA, and is headquartered in La Jolla, California. For more information, please visit

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