Blue Sky Network Supplies Indonesian Charter Air Service with Satellite-Based Flight Tracking and Communications

Blue Sky Network Supplies Indonesian Charter Air Service with Satellite-Based Flight Tracking and Communications

Susi Air depends on BSN equipment to increase safety and decrease flight delays

LA JOLLA, CA – February 21, 2007 – Blue Sky Network, the global logistics solution provider for two-way linking and managing transportation assets via satellite, today announced that Susi Air of Indonesia has deployed Blue Sky Network’s flight tracking and communications solution on all of its aircraft. Using Blue Sky Network’s D1000A/ACH1000, Susi Air’s operation is much more efficient. Dispatchers can easily follow their aircraft via SkyRouter, an interactive GPS-mapping website, and subsequently alert their customers to any delays that arise. Additionally, ground staff can instantly speak with, or text message, pilots during flight – a crucial capability in remote areas of Southeast Asia.

With its aircraft flying more than 200 hours per month and frequently encountering adverse weather conditions, safety was a primary concern for Susi Air. It was imperative they have a way for ground staff to continuously be aware of where their planes are and whether or not they were on time. Blue Sky Network’s solution not only allows Susi Air flight operators to follow their aircraft and stay in touch with pilots during flight, but they are also able to watch the slope of their planes’ take-offs and approaches via the SkyRouter web portal and its unique Google Earth integration.

“Blue Sky Network’s equipment has vastly improved the overall safety of our operation,” said Christian von Strombeck, general manager of Susi Air. “There is a huge potential for a solution like this in Indonesia as there is no formal flight tracking system currently in place. We are working with Blue Sky Network to expand the use of satellite tracking in this region, as we believe this is an important capability for any aircraft dependent organization to possess.”

Susi Air is a reseller of Blue Sky Network equipment in Indonesia and is arranging an industry wide “Blue Sky Network Day” in Jakarta this Thursday, February 22. Representatives from all parts of Indonesian aviation will attend this event. For more information, please contact VP of Sales, Jonas Olsen at [email protected].

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