Blue Sky Network to Certify Cabin Satellite Phone System

System Provides Satellite Voice and Data Communications for Cabin Class Aircraft

New Orleans, LA – December 11, 2001 – Blue Sky Network, Inc., based in La Jolla, California, has initiated the FAA process for supplemental certification (STC) of a unique aircraft cabin mounted voice and data application over the Iridium Satellite Network. The new unit, BlueSkyLink C-1000, integrates components of the Motorola Iridium telephone product with a proprietary circuitry for aircraft operations.

Blue Sky Network provides a complete suite of satellite based communications technology to and from GA and business aircraft anywhere in the world. BlueSkyLink (BSL) products offer affordable, real-time worldwide communications services to and from any aircraft 24/7.

The C-1000 system will provide worldwide, two-way satellite voice and data aircraft communication equipment in all cabin class aircraft. It consists of a Satellite Radio Unit mounted in an avionics bay or other location, a remote “in aircraft” unit mounted in the cabin or cockpit area, and an L-Band antenna mounted on the upper surface of the airframe.

The new C-1000 unit incorporates several important elements. Among these features is an efficient SIM card reader to allow separate charging accounts for different users, an easily accessible data connection and the opportunity to use a standard cellular type hands-free headset while in the air.

According to Jon Gilbert, CEO and founder of Blue Sky Network, applications for the C-1000 will enable two-way worldwide passenger and crew communications, a free short message service (SMS) from the ground to the aircraft and, of course, data connection opportunities for E-mail and the Internet.

Gilbert said, “For airborne voice and/or data, the new Iridium based BSL C-1000 represents a unique, slim, cabin-class product with a very low cost of entry or replacement and a superb low cost per minute service. This is a big step forward in both communication ease and affordability for the aviation community.”

The satellite telephone for cabin installation will be available to BlueSkyLink customers in the first quarter of 2002, pending FAA approval. The C-1000 cabin kit cost is $6,995 while a BlueSkyLink portable system is less than $2,000. Voice/data service plans range from $40 to $300 per month, depending on use. The maximum charge is $1.50 per minute, exclusive of the monthly network connection.

Blue Sky Network also announced the company’s recently renovated “new look” and user-friendly web site is available to view this week at

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