Blue Sky Network to present at Volo Mission’s Firefighting Seminar

Blue Sky Network to present at Volo Mission’s Firefighting Seminar

Forest Service 

La Jolla, California – Blue Sky Network has announced that it will be presenting on Automated Flight Following (AFF) at Volo Mission’s inaugural firefighting seminar in Campbell, Texas.

The purpose of this two-day course held from the 24th to the 25th of February is to provide potential or current aerial firefighters with the necessary information and knowledge to confidently work within the firefighting industry and safely utilize firefighting helicopters and aircraft. Given the extremely challenging nature of these operations, this training offers considerable benefits.

Blue Sky Network will look to build on this by explaining the USDA’s Automated Flight Following requirement.  Aerial firefighters contracted by the USDA forest service are required to employ tracking devices within their aircraft and firefighting helicopters that transmit data to the government’s AFF system. Focusing on the specifics of these requirements, the presentation will draw attention to how we routinely help operators become AFF compliant.

As a proud equipment and service provider for the U.S. Forest Service avaition and the B.C. and Alberta Canadian Forest Service, as well as other entities working under government contracts that are required to become AFF compliant, Blue Sky Network is looking forward to sharing its insights and vast expertise with the attendees of this seminar.

One has to look no further than Cinco Air Charter LLC and their Director of Maintenance, Tim, who had this to say about his experience becoming AFF compliant with Blue Sky Network:

“After Cinco was awarded the contract we only had three days to be AFF compliant. We chose the Blue Sky Network 7200X and are very glad we did. Even the compliance officer representing U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) was impressed with its portability and flexibility….We at Cinco are proud to have the Blue Sky 7200X in our aircraft.”

You can learn more about Volo Mission’s Firefighting Seminar by visiting their website. To read more about how we helped Cinco Air Charter LLC become AFF compliant with our satellite tracking products, check out this blog post.

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