Blue Sky Network To Unveil HawkEye 7200A At Helitech 2015

Blue Sky Network To Unveil HawkEye 7200A At Helitech 2015

Next Generation FAA-Certified Aircraft Tracking Solution


La Jolla, California – September 15, 2015 – Blue Sky Network will unveil the HawkEye 7200A, the most advanced satellite tracking system yet, next month at Helitech International 2015 in London, England. Paired with the feature-rich accessory, the HawkEye 100A, this device adds an even more powerful dimension to Blue Sky Network’s line of tracking and management solutions specifically for aviation assets. The HawkEye 7200A is FAA-certified with an AML STC and features pinpoint tracking with GNSS precision, optional Bluetooth connectivity, and future ICAO GADSS qualifying specifications.

“We are tremendously proud to have participated in ICAO discussions regarding the future of aviation tracking,” stated Jon Gilbert, Blue Sky Network’s CEO and President. “Drawing on this vision of GADSS, we have developed a new generation of hardware that is physically efficient and concurrently cost-effective. Blue Sky Network has always been a complete solution provider, and with this sophisticated HawkEye 7200A device coupled to SkyRouter, there is no reason for any company to delay deployment of this important safety tool.”

The New Standard

The HawkEye 7200A meets and exceeds the proposed International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Global Aeronautical Distress Safety System (GADSS) required performance criteria for Transport Aircraft. Over the next several years, Air Transport Operators will be required to equip aircraft with enabling hardware products that are married to back-end services to support the ICAO GADSS vision. These units will have to autonomously identify abnormal circumstances in flight and may also have to be “tamper-proof” with independence from the ship’s power.

With the HawkEye 7200A and SkyRouter, the industry leading cloud-based web portal, there is no reason to wait—the building blocks are available now. Blue Sky Network offers operators a “best-in-class” ICAO GADSS solution designed to meet all the expected requirements.

Light As Air, More Powerful Than Ever

Supported by Iridium’s powerful global network, the HawkEye 7200A weighs only one pound and boasts the most advanced technology on today’s market. Its high grade GNSS receiver incorporates GPS and GLONASS for double-level tracking with exceptional accuracy.

Blue Sky Network’s flexible firmware platform also allows for easy remote upgrades to onboard hardware as the evolution of performance based GADSS criteria changes. The unprecedented small form factor of the HawkEye 7200A was designed to allow the unit to replace the required #2 ELT (a pending ICAO proposal).

Stay Connected At All Times

SkyRouter—Blue Sky Network’s advanced cloud-based web portal—brings another unrivaled quality to the HawkEye 7200A. Through SkyRouter, operators can easily view, manage, and communicate with aircraft at any location in the world at any given time. Maximizing the power of SkyRouter gives operators complete control and visibility of aircraft activity.

In the circumstance that an aircraft has an event defined by the operator as abnormal, SkyRouter will monitor these and route alerts locally and via SMS or email as instructed. With the occurrence of a distress event on the aircraft, while in flight, the operator will receive reports at an accelerated rate—everything is customizable at the discretion of the operator.

Blue Sky Network is a pioneer in the development of satellite tracking and two-way communication for remotely active private, commercial, and government fleets worldwide. Today, Blue Sky Network is an industry leading developer and supplier of complete global SATCOM solutions for the aviation, marine, and land-mobile industries. Blue Sky Network’s interactive web portal, SkyRouter, offers extensive tracking, communicating and managing functionality without the expense and difficulty of additional computer hardware/software.


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