Blue Sky Network’s Satellite Tracking System Installed on First DC-10 Aircraft to Assist in Firefighting

Blue Sky Network’s Satellite Tracking System Installed on First DC-10 Aircraft to Assist in Firefighting

Jet fights California’s ‘Day’ wildfire with assistance of communications and tracking equipment

LA JOLLA, CA – September 26, 2006 – Blue Sky Network (BSN), the global satellite logistics solution provider for two-way linking and managing remote transportation assets, today announced that 10 Tanker, an aircraft contractor, deployed BSNs satellite tracking and communications system in a DC-10 aircraft used to fight the California wildfires. This deployment by 10 Tanker is the first DC-10 aircraft with two-way satellite tracking to be used for firefighting. 10 Tanker has deployed the aircraft to fight a number of California wildfires, including the Sawtooth Fire, Rico Fire, Horse Fire, Columbia Complex and the current Day fire.

With wildfire season here, the demand for effective communication capabilities and safety is a high priority for firefighting aircraft. The Blue Sky Network tracking system gives 10 Tanker’s officials on the ground the ability to view the exact path of the flight while having quality communications with the pilot. As the DC-10 carries more flame retardant than any other aircraft, adding the BSN solution provides an important level of safety to a key component in fighting large-scale wildfires.

“Blue Sky Network’s satellite equipment is invaluable when dealing with an aircraft the size of a DC-10 during dangerous missions,” said Brad Tuttle, general manager of 10-Tanker Air Carrier LLC. “The equipment is extremely reliable and makes us confident when it comes to the safety of our aircraft and the whereabouts of our staff.” According to Tuttle, the U.S. Forest Service recommended Blue Sky Network’s equipment to 10 Tanker.

BSN provides voice and data communications along with tracking and 2-way messaging for both private aircrafts and entire fleets. 10 Tanker is one of several BSN customers using jet aircraft to fight wildfires; another company has BSN equipment aboard a Boeing 747. The aircraft will assist state, federal and worldwide authorities by introducing an innovative way to fight fires.

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