Day One: HAI Heli-Expo Show Off Tracking and Communication Devices

Day One: HAI Heli-Expo Show Off Tracking and Communication Devices

Bourbon, baseball bats, and Blue Sky Network… the 3 b’s of Louisville, Kentucky. 

Day one of HAI Heli-Expo in Louisville, Kentucky has already come and gone. Not to worry though, the team at Blue Sky Network HQ is continuing on with what has become a fine tradition, our daily tradeshow updates. Sales Director Nick Tucky and Business Development Representative Jeff Sherwood were busy showing off our suite of aircraft tracking and communication devices and the latest iteration of our back-end portal, SkyRouter 3. They were also busy collecting entries for our inaugural HawkEye 7200 raffle.


Blue Sky Network’s Director of Sales Nick Tucky looking dapper


The HawkEye 7200A, our most recent aircraft tracking and communication devices, continues to steal the (trade) show. The fact that this aircraft tracking solution weighs in at less than a pound never fails to astound people. To put this in context, the HawkEye 7200A weighs the same as a tall boy can of beer. With a battery backup option, distress reporting that automatically recognizes anomalies, pre-configurable reporting settings and over-the-air configurations; this is an incredibly sophisticated device.

The portable HawkEye 7200 satellite tracking device has also attracted a lot of attention. Requiring no installation, the HawkEye 7200 provides users with accurate flight following, as well as Bluetooth 2-way messaging for iPad and EFB connection. It’s incredible to think that attendees have an opportunity to snag one of these units for free.

In an attempt to steal both the HawkEye 7200A and HawkEye 7200’s thunder, SkyRouter 3 is also on display in Louisville. Current Blue Sky Network customers have been quick to heap praise on the newest version of our industry-leading back end web portal. Most comments have focused on its quicker and cleaner position reports, enhanced usability, additional animations, upgraded track page tools, and mobile device compatibility.

Jeff and Nick managed to take some time off from their hectic schedules to partake in a “friendly” game of bowling with a Blue Sky Network customer. We are proud to report that they came out on top, with Nick finishing in first place and Jeff in second. The question remains – is there anything these guys can’t do?


Gracious winners by all accounts


Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow on Day 2. If you haven’t already entered the raffle please get over to booth #6447 and do so.

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