FAA Certifies New Satellite Telephone System For Aviation

FAA Certifies New Satellite Telephone System For Aviation

BlueSkyLink C1000 Brings Satellite Telephone Costs Down to Earth

La Jolla, California – Blue Sky Network (www.blueskynetwork.com) announced today that their BlueSkyLink C1000 satellite communications system has received FAA certification for permanent installation in aircraft. The new C1000 provides the opportunity for all aircraft owners and operators to have clear and consistent airborne coverage everywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost of current alternatives.

According to Jon Gilbert, President and CEO of Blue Sky Network, “Now finally, there is a terrific option for airborne voice that is neither expensive to acquire nor use.” The C1000 in-cabin product leverages the worldwide coverage of the Iridium Satellite Network to deliver quality connectivity anytime, anywhere. The company will initially focus on the general and business aviation markets.

Gilbert said, “As an aircraft owner and pilot, I am very proud to bring this newly developed communication solution to the aviation industry. The Blue Sky Network vision is to change the way people think about using airborne telephones by making it easier and affordable.” The C1000, along with other creative BlueSkyLink and Motorola/Iridium solutions, will greatly enhance flight safety by allowing pilots and passengers to “stay in touch” with a simple call.

Gino Picasso, President and CEO of Iridium Satellite, said, “The aviation market represents one of the best uses of the Iridium Satellite Network. We are both fortunate and pleased with our close relationship to Blue Sky Network. Their FAA certification of this new satellite telephone product will provide aircraft owners and operators an outstanding value with very cost effective Iridium solutions. We look forward to our continued partnership with Blue Sky Network.”

The newly certified BlueSkyLink C1000 Satellite Telephone Kit consists of:

  • TSO’d Iridium tuned antenna (dual channel antenna is also available)
  • 15 feet of FAA approved low-loss coax cable
  • The Transceiver unit for remote installation
  • A Cabin unit that includes handset, hands free capability, and data port
  • All connectors for easier completion by professional avionics installers

The BlueSkyLink C1000 kit will be available to customers the first week in June. The company said orders are currently being accepted.

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