The HawkEye 5500 is an advanced satellite and cellular (dual-mode) vehicle tracking and telematics solution compatible with every type of vehicle, located anywhere on the planet. It provides global communications, professional-grade reporting features, and invaluable insights for a complete solution that will improve the safety and efficiency of your fleet.

A One Hundred Percent Global, Real-Time Telematics Solution

Reliability. Safety. Security.
The HawkEye 5500 uses both Iridium Satellite and cellular connections so you can remain confident that your vehicles and personnel will always be connected.

Improve Safety

Get automatic monitoring and alerting on driver safety and emergency situations, which improves driving habits, reduces accidents, and decreases the time to respond to emergencies.

reduce operating costs

Reduce Operating Costs

Get proactive monitoring of vehicle health via maintenance warnings, and excessive idling alerts for fuel usage. Saving even a few minutes of idling time across a fleet leads to huge fuel savings.

streamline compliance

Streamline Compliance

Many fleets require telematics solutions to be integrated into their daily operations in order to be compliant with current or future contract providers. We’ve ticked every checkbox for most providers.


Gain Fleet Insights

Automatically detect trips and identify drivers, passengers, and cargo. Generate analytics about usage, performance, and behavior. Get notified when custom-defined boundaries are breached, and more.

Introducing the HawkEye 5500 (HE5500)

HawkEye 5500 HE5500 Vehicle Tracker

The HE5500 is a dual-mode, real-time tracking and vehicle management solution. With full integration of on-board systems, support for both light and heavy-duty vehicles, two-way messaging, a remote emergency switch, audible alerts, and customizable application integration, the HE5500 is in a class of its own.

  • Support for all vehicles
  • RFID & Bluetooth for driver & cargo identification
  • 2-way communications via Bluetooth
  • Real-time driver behavior notifications
  • Advanced AVR 2.0 geofencing
  • OBD/BUS integration
  • Customizable Smart Events
  • Over-the-air configuration
  • Accelerometer for crash detection & harsh driving
  • Customizable speeding alerts
  • Idling & movement notifications
  • Custom & manual waypoints
  • I/O ports for a multitude of sensors
  • Satellite & cellular (dual-mode) connection


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Global Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Communications Tools

With SkyRouter, the industry-leading satellite-based vehicle tracking and communications platform, you get real-time insights and instant communication with your fleet—from anywhere in the world.

  • iPhone & Android app available
  • Real-time tracking & mapping
  • Innovative map overlays
  • Customizable geofences
  • Global two-way messaging
  • Automatic report generation
SkyRouter Aircraft Tracking Program

Popular Use Cases:

  • Mining
  • Trucking
  • Military
  • Law Enforcement
  • Private Security
  • Border Protection
  • Search and Rescue
  • Disaster Response
  • NGOs
  • And more

The Blue Sky Advantage

Looking for the most comprehensive vehicle tracking solution available? We’ve got you covered. The HawkEye 5500 offers the features you need, where the competition fails to deliver.

Unlike other dual-mode solutions in the market, we support not only late-model (CAN) vehicles but also vehicles that were manufactured before 2008 and heavy commercial vehicles (J1939). These vehicles utilize a patchwork of proprietary protocols mandated by different governments throughout the years that can make integration difficult. Our solutions offer a truly uncompromised experience that can be enjoyed fleet-wide.

We are able to offer deeper integration that goes beyond OBD, into the vehicle’s proletary network, to get you the information you need to keep your operations informed, efficient, and safe.

Be cognizant of drivers, passengers, and cargo at all times. Utilizing two different identification technologies; Bluetooth and RFID, our solutions offer the unique ability to precisely identify not only the driver but also everyone and everything in the vehicle or the attached trailer. Utilizing near field RFID (ISO 14443) through a dash-mounted reader, you can add the ability to unlock ignition systems. With our solutions, you’ll always be aware of who is in control of your most valuable assets.

With Bluetooth onboard, you can remotely sense the presence of people and cargo utilizing the vast number of commercially available Eddystone compliant Bluetooth beacons. With programmable transmit distance, beacons can be used to identify people within the vehicle cab or identify cargo safely tucked away in a trailer. Our solutions allow you to instantly know what cargo your drivers are hauling and when and where it is loaded and unloaded.

Our system is not just a tracking solution but it is also a complete communications suite that lets you stay connected and operational anywhere in the world, no matter the situation. Utilizing Bluetooth-based iOS and Android applications, any smartphone or tablet turns into a communications gateway that can be used to promote safety by keeping in touch and to perform necessary paperwork utilizing digital forms.

With digital forms, you can easily and efficiently send:

  • Successful delivery of a shipment
  • Field report from a remote station
  • Completed inspection report of a facility
  • Incident report
  • Notification of arrival
  • And much more!

Our system is constantly analyzing data in real-time to help you make determinations about the safety and effectiveness of your fleet; it’s not a passive data recorder that you pull and then analyze after the operation.

We offer features such as onboard speakers and the ability to integrate into onboard audio systems, which allow the instant notification to the driver of a safety violation. This helps to prevent accidents by preventing conditions that cause them in the first place, and helps drivers know exactly what it takes to stay safe.

With our solutions, driver safety comes first. Safety violations don’t need to be a tough conversation.

Alter operating behavior based on real-time conditions on the ground. With Smart Events and up to 75 geofences, our solutions are infinitely configurable with a multitude of options that give you the ultimate control of your operation. For example, if a driver enters a dangerous area, automatically increase situational awareness and tighten safety standards and then return to normal when out of danger. Best of all, it can be done remotely, on the fly, in real-time.

Your operations, your rules!

With multiple digital and analog inputs and outputs in addition to 1-Wire and RS-232, our solutions integrate with a multitude of aftermarket vehicle systems that power your operation. Improve situational awareness by taking vehicle integration to the next level. This is just a fraction of the sensors that are supported:

  • Door sensors
  • Alarm activation sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Siren activation sensors
  • Remote engine ignition prevention systems
  • Gunfire detection systems
  • And more!

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