Improving Operational Efficiency & Safety for Military Assets Every Day, All Over the World

Improving Operational Efficiency & Safety for Military Assets  Every Day, All Over the World

We are proud to provide high grade military tracking devices and two-way communication to various military divisions around the globe.

military satellite tracking system

Infantries, air forces, coastguards, peacekeeping forces, and even remote police forces use our tactical tracking devices to carry out their operations in a safer and more efficient manner.

Our Most Popular Military Grade Tracking Devices

HE7200 1 The HawkEye 7200 is the most versatile solution – fly with it, take it for a ride, or place it on-board a ship, or link it with your IPhone or iPad on the go.
HawkEye 5300 GPS tracking device with HawkEye Touch Display The HawkEye 5300 provides dual-mode (Iridium-GSM) coverage in a robust unit so you can track vehicles in deserts, remote areas, and danger zones.
HawkEye PT Plus Front and Side View The HawkEye Portable Tracker Plus (HEPT+) provides accurate positioning day or night, in any conditions, anywhere in the world.

Our military tracking and communication devices are combined with our industry leading web portal—SkyRouter—to create a complete solution that any military force will benefit from.  Without the hassle of extra hardware installation, we’ve engineered SkyRouter so that the movement of various critical branches of an operation can easily be viewed, managed, and communicated with on a single screen. There is no need for separate command centers for each class of asset. Contact us now to learn more! Manage All Operations on One Screen

Military SATCOM tracking

To learn more about how our satellite tracking devices can help improve your daily operations, whether a military or civilian organization,  please call 858-551-3891 or visit our website at

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