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Tracking & Communications Solutions for Airborne Law Enforcement

At Blue Sky Network we employ an extensive consultative sales process where our product experts work with you in order to understand the nature of your airborne law enforcement operations and identify which of our devices best suits your needs. We get genuinely excited about aviation and how our products can help lower operational costs, maximize security, and increase safety. Couple this with our world-class customer service and it’s clear that we provide ourselves on being a complete, end-to-end solutions provider that works hard to ensure you are getting the maximum value from our sophisticated, reasonably priced systems and software.

image of a black baltimore police helicopter
Blue Sky Network’s vast experience in assisting complex missions across the globe makes us the go-to for airborne law enforcement agencies. We offer the ability to tailor our suite of automated flight following and two-way communication devices to meet your specific coordination, surveillance, tactical tracking, and other operational requirements. With SkyRouter, our industry-leading web portal, law enforcement agencies are equipped with one centralized, secure web portal to track, manage, and communicate with critical assets in real-time.

An Experienced Provider

  • We have over fifteen years of experience working with law enforcement agencies and militaries around the world.
  • A proud member of ALEA.
  • An American company with manufacturing, design and customer service all based in America.
  • The Blue Force tracking capabilities and versatility to meet operational challenges with unique and effective solutions.

Security, Safety and Lower Operational Costs

  • Increased safety through QPOS button and SkyRouter alerts via text message and email.
  • SkyRouter’s form capability which allows for streamlined communication, reducing the workload of pilots and operators.
  • Incredibly accurate and automated flight following with multiple position reporting options.
  • Secure two-way messaging and SatCom voice capabilities for instantaneous communication.
  • Historical playback reports for mission debriefings and reviews.
  • Data forwarding to relevant third-parties.

Track. Manage. Communicate. Always Connected.

With more than a decade of experience, Blue Sky Network works as your eyes in the sky. We’ve been the forefront for reliable tracking technology and tactical radio communications, and are proud to offer automated flight following that helps you serve and protect.