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Aircraft Tracking

Tracking and managing your aircraft fleet in real time shouldn’t involve guesswork and daily speculation.

Your flight operations are timed, budgeted, and planned with precision and skill.

When it comes to real time management for your flight ops, don’t leave it to chance. With a full complement of aircraft tracking and fleet management services from Blue Sky Network, you’re able to eliminate the guesswork for day to day operations, engage in global, two-way satellite communications with your fleet, and know at a glance where your fleet are- wherever they may be.

Helicopter Equipped with Tracking Device
Devices Used:
a black, rectangular, metal modem with four indicator lights on the front


image of a small black device with an LED screen and dialing buttons


HawkEye 7200
HawkEye 7200A
HawkEye 7200X

Aircraft Tracking

Through the Iridium constellation of low Earth-orbiting (LEO) satellites, tracking frequency can be set on SkyRouter, up to once every 15 seconds.


The server can communicate with the device and request a position report via the Ping function.

Quick Position

Pressing the Quick Position (QPOS) button triggers your device into distress-mode reporting, and will increase reporting frequency. Distress-mode reporting is fully configurable via SkyRouter.

Remote Parameter Updates

Remotely update device parameters and trigger event-based situational or circumstantial reporting. Device parameters are fully configurable via SkyRouter.

Device-Side Geofences

Geofences can be stored on the device and will trigger conditional, geofence-based reporting as soon as one is entered.

Geofence Advanced Features

Set up both circular and polygonal geofences, automated alerts and compound rules through the SkyRouter platform.


Many devices support two-way messaging, allowing constant communication between you and your assets.


Leverage Bluetooth technology and communicate in-flight using a smartphone or tablet via the HawkEye Link app.

Min En-Route Event

Receive an alert when the altitude for an en-route segment no longer provides adequate reception of relevant navigation facilities and ATS communications, and no longer provides the required obstacle clearance.

Altitude Reporting

Devices can be configured for altitude-based reporting, and can in some cases autonomously detect anomalies in-flight.


Auto Takeoff & Landing

Devices can be automatically set to begin reporting upon take-off and will stop reporting at the end of the journey.

Serial Data Collection

Data from a journey can be collected and exported for further analysis.


Use the device to make standard phone calls.

= capability is possible with additional hardware.

The Blueprint for the Industry's Most Reliable Satellite Aircraft Tracking Solutions

With real-time satellite aircraft tracking and professional grade fleet management tools from Blue Sky Network, you’re never left flying blind with your fleet.

Safe, Efficient & Cost-Effective Aircraft Tracking

Advanced automatic intelligent aircraft tracking

Quick Position (QPOS) alert notification

Comprehensive voice alternatives

Custom Geofences

Event Alerting via SMS or Email

Multiple position reporting options/conditions

Fleet plans

Complete Aircraft Tracking Solutions

Dual-mode (satellite/GPRS) aircraft tracking options with least-cost routing

Complete aircraft tracking kits including antennas

Short code messaging keeps everyone connected

Send and receive full text messages with your aircraft

Electronic Forms options

No setup required

Easy iOS App for messaging with Bluetooth embedded equipment

Global Aircraft Communication

Continuous satellite communication (voice/data) anywhere with Iridium—the most comprehensive global communications network available

Optional GSM/GPRS Network connectivity