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Tracking & Communications Solutions for Business Aviation

Blue Sky Network offers outstanding functionality and proven reliability to meet the specialized competencies and operational requirements of your business aviation operation. With our FAA-certified solutions, your pilots, crew members, and passengers can stay productively connected in-flight at all times. SkyRouter, Blue Sky Network’s cloud based operational command center, provides reliable live access and outstanding control of fleet operations from almost anywhere in the world, including handheld smartphones and tablets. The best solution for tracking planes in the business.

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The World’s Best Global Satellite Technology

Blue Sky Network, with Iridium, has been leveraging the speed and power of satellite network for business aviation solutions since 2002. Our aviation business solutions bring connectivity to just about anyone, from virtually everywhere. Blue Sky Network offers a turn-key advanced aviation solutions for aircraft communication and staying connected to mobile assets anywhere in the world. We provide hardware, cloud-based software, Iridium satellite service and 24/7 technical support to our aviation, marine and land based customers.

Safe, Efficient & Cost-Effective

  • Advanced automated flight tracking
  • Quick Position (QPOS) alert notification
  • Comprehensive world-wide voice operability
  • From the cockpit – note route diversion or maintenance requirements
  • Minimum en route altitude reporting
  • Automatic take-off and landing notification
  • Altitude adjusted position reporting
  • Multiple event notification options via SMS and email

Complete Cost-Effective Solutions

  • Comprehensive satellite voice/data solutions
  • Bluetooth connectivity for your iPad or iPhone directly into the on-board HELink hardware and D1000-series device using BSN HawkEye Link App
  • Both FAA and Iridium certified solution

Global Communication

  • With the Accessory, Blue Sky Network offers seamless voice integration with most Comm systems
  • Continuous satellite communication (voice/data) anywhere with Iridium—the most comprehensive global communications network available

The Blueprint for Today’s—and Tomorrow’s—Most Reliable Satellite Connection

With more than a decade of experience, Blue Sky Network was one of the first companies to offer fleet management with reliable cargo flight trackers and business aviation communication solutions, even in locations where traditional cellular and radio technology is unrealistic. We’ve been the forefront for reliable tracking technology and this is just the beginning.