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Tracking & Communications Solutions for Disaster, Emergency Relief, & Medical Transportation

When it comes to natural disasters, emergency relief, and medical transportation, a sense of urgency is always dramatically amplified and in remote locations or where terrestrial infrastructure is rendered inoperable, an even greater need exists. In these emergency communication situations, only a reliable satellite communication solution is appropriate and Blue Sky Network offers a complete range of voice and data solutions for all your assets (workers, vehicles of any kind, law enforcement personnel) in this field. With Iridium’s powerful satellite network and Blue Force tracking, our complete systems provide steady and reliable GPS asset tracking and connection to the outside world anywhere anytime.

image of three large red trucks used for emergency situations

Your Safest Bet – Be Prepared

With our multi-platform disaster relief technology for emergency management, workers will stay safe and secure at all times anywhere, no matter the circumstances.
For over a decade, Blue Sky Network has been a leading satellite communications provider offering aviation, maritime, land mobile, and emergency communications network solutions. Join our customers from all seven continents and nearly fifty countries around the world that depend on our disaster management systems every day, making it possible to easily stay connected anywhere.

Safe & Secure

  • Quick Position (QPOS) button for advanced alert notifications
  • Short code and text messaging
  • Reliable equipment – tested and field ready
  • Real time automatic position reports
  • Automatic Alerting notifications for selected events via SMS or email

Efficient & Cost-Effective

  • Complete line of voice and data products fully integrated into SkyRouter
  • Comprehensive voice systems
  • Fixed and portable solutions
  • Dual mode (Iridium/GSM) if appropriate for least cost routing of positions
  • Always available satellite connection

Global Communication

  • Continuous satellite communication (voice/data) anywhere with Iridium—the most comprehensive global communications network available.

The Blueprint for Today’s—and Tomorrow’s—Most Reliable Satellite Connection

With more than a decade of experience, Blue Sky Network was one of the first companies to offer fleet managers with reliable tracking and disaster communication solutions, even in locations where traditional cellular and radio technology is unrealistic. We’ve been the forefront for reliable tracking technology and this is just the beginning.
Blue Sky Network has been helping the coordination of Medical Transportation around the globe with our powerful devices. Get the confidence and trust our customers have every time they are on duty backed up with our emergency communication systems.