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Tracking & Communications Solutions for Search & Rescue

Blue Sky Network designs and builds satellite aircraft tracking systems that meet the exact needs of the Search and Rescue industry. A quick response time, precision coordinates and extreme reliability are critical components for disaster communication. With our comprehensive SATCOM and GSM solutions, Search and Rescue teams utilizing Blue Sky Network aircraft tracking system products never lose communication – even in the most remote terrain and demanding weather. When performance, reliability and precision are paramount, look to the leader in Search & Rescue satellite systems and emergency communications products – Blue Sky Network.

image of a gray marine helicopter hovering over a white search and rescue ship in the harbor

The FAA-certified D1000A Satellite Communication System is designed for permanent installation into fixed wing or rotary aircraft. Installed D1000 products communicate directly through the Iridium global satellite network to SkyRouter – the world’s most comprehensive cloud-based fleet management and Automated Flight Following system.

For portable or handheld satellite search and rescue technology, the Blue Sky Network Hawkeye-series of products offers the ultimate grab-n-go convenience without sacrificing performance, precision or reliability. Compatibility with Smartphones and Tablets offer communication flexibility and a cost/value ratio that is unmatched in today’s aviation technology marketplace.

During search and rescue missions, every second counts. So why pay more for slower, less reliable technology than Blue Sky Network Iridium solutions? Give your search and rescue operations the most advanced technology available today with our Blue Sky search and rescue technology and SkyRouter –  the world’s most powerful cloud-based fleet management system. Blue Sky Network products are available directly from our website or from the industry’s premium global resellers.


  • Panic alerts
  • Short code and text messaging
  • Advanced alerting
  • Start and stop notifications


  • Advanced automatic aircraft tracking
  • Comprehensive voice systems
  • Fleet utilization reports

Global Communication

  • Continuous Blue Force tracking anywhere with Iridium—the most comprehensive global communications network available
  • Optional GSM/GPRS network connectivity
  • Integration with 3rd party mission management software

The Blueprint for Today’s—and Tomorrow’s—Most Reliable Satellite Connection