Mobile Hotspot Iridium GO! Receives ANATEL Homologation in Brazil

Mobile Hotspot Iridium GO! Receives ANATEL Homologation in Brazil

Iridium GO! Receives ANATEL Homologation in Brazil

La Jolla, California – Blue Sky Network (BSN) is proud to announce that the Iridium GO! has received Anatel Homologation Certification. Iridium GO! is a rugged, portable unit that extends the capabilities of any smartphone, laptop, or tablet by creating a satellite-backed Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 5 smartphones.

Under strict Brazilian regulations (Federal Law 9472/97), all telecommunications products sold in Brazil must have a Certificate of Conformity indicating compliance with Brazilian regulatory requirements. Products must also be approved by ANATEL, the Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency (Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações).

Receiving ANATEL certification is an important milestone that allows Iridium GO! to be sold in Brazil. Iridium GO! is the ideal solution for those seeking true global connectivity and reliability. It is an easy-to-use device that provides access to the web, allowing clients to check emails, calls, text messages, GPS reports, social media, and receive notifications at any location. Small enough to fit in your pocket but tough enough to withstand the toughest elements, Iridium GO! is both durable and reliable. Accessing the features of Iridium GO! is as simple as downloading, installing, configuring, and connecting with Iridium-optimized applications, available for Apple and Android devices.

Blue Sky Network is a pioneer in the development of satellite tracking and two-way communication for remotely active private, commercial, and government fleets worldwide. Today, Blue Sky Network is an industry-leading developer and supplier of global SATCOM solutions for the aviation, marine, and land-mobile industries. Blue Sky Network’s interactive web portal, SkyRouter, offers extensive tracking, communicating, and managing functionality without the expense and difficulty of additional computer hardware/software.




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