Live Aircraft Tracking & Communication Solutions

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Improve Safety

Know where your aircraft is—any time, anywhere—with real-time situational awareness. Re-direct aircraft from inclement weather or other anomalies on the fly.

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Lower Operational Costs

Our industry-leading fleet management and analytics portal SkyRouter can help reduce fuel expenses with automated alerts for idling too long, early start times, and exceeding air speed.

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Increase Reliability

With SkyRouter’s 99.99 percent uptime, true global coverage, and 24/7 technical support, you can count on us to help your operations run smooth.

Hawkeye 7200A Aircraft Tracking Device

FAA Approved Aircraft Tracking Devices

Blue Sky Network offers a variety of FAA approved, fixed installation GPS tracking devices for the aviation industry. New models include ICAO-GADSS qualifying features.

  • True global coverage
  • Quick Position (QPOS) button
  • Advanced device-side geofencing
  • Operator-defined autonomous position reporting
  • ICAO projected abnormal event reporting
  • Compound rules capability (e.g >20,000 ft and V/S > 5000 FPM)

Portable Aircraft Tracking Devices

Our portable tracking devices offer internal and external antenna options and are a low-cost flight tracking solution for operators who do not require a fixed installation.

  • Portable, self-contained, small-format devices, ready for grab-and-go applications
  • Two-way messaging via Bluetooth
  • QPOS button
  • Advanced geofencing, including device-side geofence detection
  • 3D motion sensor
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
HawkEye 7200 portable aircraft tracking device

Global Asset Tracking & Fleet Communications Tools

With SkyRouter, the industry-leading asset tracking and communications platform, you get real-time insight and instant communication with your fleet—from anywhere in the world.

  • iPhone & Android app available
  • Real-time tracking & mapping
  • Innovative map overlays
  • Customizable geofences
  • Global two-way messaging
  • Automatic report generation
SkyRouter Aircraft Tracking Program
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Advanced Flight Tracking Analytics

Lower your operational costs with advanced flight tracking analytics from SkyRouter.
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Lower Operational Costs

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Maximize Efficiency

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Gain Operational Insight

BSN Aviation Capabilities Statement

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