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New Spirit of St. Louis Equipped With Blue Sky Network’s Satellite Tracking Equipment

On March 5, 2002 Blue Sky Network’s state-of-the-art satellite-based aviation telecommunications equipment accompanied Erik Lindbergh (grandson of Charles Lindbergh) on the re-creation of his grandfather’s historical New York to Paris flight across the Atlantic. Erik stated, “Blue Sky Network equipment was absolutely central to the success of the New Spirit of St. Louis flight.”

The New Spirit of St. Louis flight was a project of the X Prize Foundation, which also benefited the Arthritis Foundation and the Lindbergh Foundation. Jon Gilbert, Founder of Blue Sky Network said, “We are proud to be a sponsor of the New Spirit of St. Louis flights. The use of our Blue Sky technology greatly enhanced the safety of the flights with equipment that was never available to Erik’s grandfather. Erik had continual voice and data communications capability whenever and wherever he chose during the reenactment flights.”

Erik flew the Lancair Columbia 300 across the U.S. and the Atlantic with Blue Sky Network’s flight tracking equipment installed in the New Spirit of St. Louis aircraft. The aircraft was provided by the Lancair Company based in Bend, Oregon. Erik Lindbergh underlined the importance of the satellite communications system on his aircraft.


“My grandfather was familiar with the stars and needed them to navigate. Since his New York to Paris flight 75 years ago, there is a new constellation in the sky. The new constellation enables me to stay in continual communications with the world through the Blue Sky Network and the Iridium satellite system.”

– Erik Lindbergh

image of a letter written by erik lindberg