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Special offer for tracking device at over 30% OFF and satellite data plans at over 60% OFF. Limited time promotion available to airborne law enforcement operators.
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Aircraft Tracking Solutions for Law Enforcement Operators

Blue Sky Network works with local, state and federal law enforcement operators on equipping their assets with satellite-based tracking, two-way messaging, and voice communication capabilities. Our systems are proven to drastically improve the safety, communication, and operational efficiency of daily operations.
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Effective, Reliable Communication

Our satellite network solutions enable real-time tracking, two-way communication, mission coordination, operational analytics, and complete situational awareness.

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Safe and Secure

Blue Sky Network’s SkyRouter portal allows cloud-based, on-premises control using a ruggedized, standalone server with AES 256 encryption for secure law enforcement communications.

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Control, Command, and Customize

Our tracking devices feature customizable parameters that can be set to suit your specific operations and feed analytics that can guide decision-making and improve workflow.

Portable Tracker: HawkEye 7200 (HE7200)

This is our flagship portable tracker for pinpoint GPS tracking, reliable communication, and asset security. A built-in GNSS chip tracks GPS / GLONASS / GNSS satellites and multiple SBAS systems simultaneously to generate the fastest, most accurate position reports in the industry. It includes a 3D motion sensor, quick position button, device-side geofence detection, support for electronic flight bag, Bluetooth radio for two-way messaging and a long-life lithium battery.

HE7200 retails for $1,395 but is only $950 (32% OFF) as part of this extreme value offer.

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Extreme Value Data Plans

Low Use


tracking hours

2-minute reporting interval



per month

68% OFF

Medium Use


tracking hours

2-minute reporting interval



per month

70% OFF

High Use


tracking hours

2-minute reporting interval



per month

64% OFF

Plans have a $100 $50 activation fee and provide you with a monthly allotment of data units as you wish. For example, to double your tracked flight time, you can change your reporting interval from every 2 to every 4 minutes.

Tracking Portal: SkyRouter Lite

SkyRouter is our tracking command and control portal that gives operators the ability to view, manage, and communicate with your assets in real-time regardless of their global location. SkyRouter is the industry-leading fleet tracking and communication tool to manage your fleet, lower operating costs, and improve safety.

Get SkyRouter Lite FREE, included in your extreme value data plan and accessible from any web browser.

SkyRouter Lite Asset Tracking Program

Mobile Messaging: HawkEye Link App

The HawkEye Link mobile app enables Iridium two-way email/short-code messaging directly from your smartphone or tablet – essential functionality in the fleet management industry’s movement towards paperless operations. After downloading the custom HawkEye Link App on your smart device, you can connect your device, via Bluetooth, to the HawkEye 7200 tracking device that will relay messages over the satellite network.

Get HawkEye Link FREE, included in your extreme value data plan and available on iOS and Android.

HawkEye LINK App for Android and iPhone

Easy On-boarding: White-glove Setup

white glove device setup

Key to your success is setting things right the first time, cutting out trial-and-error and easing the learning curve. Our white-glove setup includes the configuration of your devices with the best settings to ensure you get the value we promise. Let us show you how you can get extreme value and extreme safety at the same time.

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After talking with our law enforcement customers, we crafted this extreme value package for Airborne Public Safety Association (APSA) members. This opportunity is not available anywhere else. Take advantage of this offer to improve the safety of your fleet at a lower cost.
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