Case Study: Susi Air

IRIDIUM® ONBOARD ENABLED RELIEF FLIGHTS AFTER A TSUNAMI IN PALU, INDONESIA The Iridium network enabled aviation solutions that provide critical two-way communications to pilots who delivered food and medical supplies to the islands of Indonesia after a devastating tsunami. The Challenge Susi Air pilots regularly fly to some of the most challenging and remote destinations [...]

Case Study: Peacekeeping Organization Chooses Blue Sky Network

Blue Sky Network (BSN) is a proud provider of satellite tracking services to the various government entities, as well as law enforcement and global peacekeeping agencies. One of BSN’s key clients for the past four years, an international peacekeeping organization in the Middle East, relies on the HawkEye 5200 (HE5200) for installation on the trucks, armored vehicles, and buses transporting personnel.

Case Study: Cougar Helicopters

Cougar Helicopters Inc., is Canada’s premiere off shore oil and gas helicopter service provider supporting the oil and gas fields off the coast of Newfoundland. The company operates the S-92 helicopters that fly daily along the North Atlantic Coast, an area that experiences some of the world’s most demanding weather conditions including freezing precipitation, and IFR conditions.

Open Passage Expedition

Blue Sky Network is a proud sponsor of the Open Passage Expedition whose mission is to draw awareness to global warming issues and the impact as warmer temperatures force Arctic communities and the wildlife around them to change their habits to survive.

Sulphur Fire Department

As a captain with the Sulphur Fire Department in Louisiana, I can attest first-hand to the power of Iridium’s mobile satellite communications service in a large scale disaster. Sulphur, a paid professional fire dept, is located in South West Louisiana and was one of many fire departments that responded to the scene in New Orleans.

Steve Fossett’s Flight

In early 2004, Blue Sky Network teamed up with Steve Fossett and the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer team to provide global flight tracking, engine monitoring and 2-way email messaging for the first around the world flight performed solo and non-stop. The Global Flyer was equipped with a Blue Sky Network’s D1000 satellite tracking solution and a portable Iridium phone.

Spirit of St. Louis

On March 5, 2002 Blue Sky Network state-of-the-art satellite-based aviation telecommunications equipment accompanied Erik Lindbergh (grandson of Charles Lindbergh) on the re-creation of his grandfather’s historical New York to Paris flight across the Atlantic. Erik stated: “Blue Sky Network equipment was absolutely central to the success of the New Spirit of St. Louis flight.”

Polar First

On December 5, 2006 Polar First launched their second attempt to set a record to circumnavigate the globe by way of the North and South Poles. With Blue Sky Network’s D1000A satellite communication system and telemetry terminal with embedded GPS, Jennifer Murray and Colin Bodill’s Bell 407 helicopter commenced their journey maintaining constant communication with on-ground support during the 36,000-mile, 175-day trip.

Bell 429 Pilot

Blue Sky Network strives to deliver advanced tracking solutions using reliable Iridium satellites and cutting-edge technology hardware and software. Blue Sky Network’s HawkEye Portable Tracker (HEPT) offers an extensive array of alerts, two-way messaging, and position reporting and communication options. Here is what one of Blue Sky Network’s satisfied customers, Chris Hughes, is saying.

Erickson Air-Crane

Erickson Air-Crane Helicopters has quickly become a leading, and rapidly growing, global provider of aerial services to a diverse mix of end markets, including firefighting. The company also recently acquired Evergreen Helicopters, Inc., a diversified global provider of cargo and personnel air transport services to government and commercial customers.