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A powerful combination of smart devices, industry leading software and global satellite technology designed for your business

Blue Sky Network Advantage Capability

Installed and Mobile Devices

Proven, affordable devices that offer maximum functionality and supreme simplicity. Installed, portable and hand-held products for every type of application.

Blue Sky Network Advantage Capability

SkyRouter Command Center

Providing accurate tracking, communication and monitoring of global fleet assets, SkyRouter is a powerful online command center to manage operational efficiency.

Blue Sky Network Advantage Capability

Iridium Satellite Network

Effectively harnessing the power of the Iridium satellite network, Blue Sky Network products offer seamless connectivity
anywhere in the world.

A cloud-based management system that offers Operation Centers complete command and control of field-based assets and personnel. From tracking to communication to automated event alerts, SkyRouter provides near real-time awareness of where your assets are and what they are doing.

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Designed & Configured For Your Industry

Blue Sky Network Supports Maritime industry

Solutions to track and communicate with vessels throughout all
worldwide waterways

Blue Sky Network Supports Aviation industry

Multiple FAA-certified configurations with optional control panels and
telecom integration

Blue Sky Network Supports Land Mobile industry
Land Mobile

Installed and portable Iridium/GSM solutions including dash-mounted
GPS and telematics

Blue Sky Network Supports Personal Security industry
Personal Security

Grab it and go anywhere, with solutions for voice, messaging, tracking and emergency alerts

Industry Leading Technology, Greater Coverage and Superior Support

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Many of the world’s largest companies benefit from using Blue Sky Network solutions for satellite communications and tracking of their mobile fleets and personnel. Companies like Airbus, Boeing, Bell, Sikorsky, the FAA, Erickson Crane, Chevron, Shell and many others use the industry’s most powerful command center, SkyRouter, and Blue Sky Network devices to manage their mobile assets and personnel.

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