Sustained connectivity and continuity to protect and prepare your business

Advanced and reliable solutions that eliminate downtime and maintain communications, business continuity, and asset assurance in the event of a disaster.

In times of crisis, stay connected. Not stranded.

When a crisis occurs, maintaining vital business functions such as internal and external communications are critical to ensuring asset safety and reducing operational downtime. Our proven and comprehensive mobile communications solutions are engineered to prepare and protect your business before and during a natural or manmade disaster. Innovative hardware, software, and IoT/ M2M solutions offer advanced connectivity, remote monitoring and sensing, and real-time insights for optimized emergency planning, security protocols, and recovery measures.

Comprehensive communications when it matters most

Whether your operation is mixed and complex, crewed or autonomous, or global or local, we are committed to maintaining connectivity to your essential assets and operations, anywhere and in any condition.

Reliable insight

Proven and reliable real-time analytics and information for proactive decision making, reduced downtime, enhanced asset safety, and more impactful disaster planning.

Global tracking and monitoring

Monitor and track the movement of your assets, manage your team, operations, cost, and maintain critical communications before, during, and after disaster strikes.

Advanced infrastructure

Cutting-edge, reliable satellite infrastructure and cloud-based software deliver customized connectivity solutions to transform your business continuity operations.

Resilient dual-mode technology enabling greater asset visibility

Our solutions are built using the best networks, hardware, and software, and designed for comprehensive connectivity and asset visibility—no matter your business continuity need.

SkyLink 5100 IoT

Optimizes business operations by delivering essential data from any asset, anywhere

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SkyLink Battery Pack

Enables portable connectivity of SkyLink for comms-on-the-move applications and uninterrupted communications in the event of...

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Advanced connectivity solutions engineered for business continuity

Blue Sky Network leverages mobile satellite and cellular communications to design dual-mode low size, weight, and power (SWaP) solutions that enable greater connectivity and faster efficiency for your enterprise’s assets.

Single pane of glass monitoring

Whether your operations are centralized or remote, effortlessly view and share real-time data from connected devices in our secure, cloud-based portal, enabling purposeful collaboration, swifter decision-making, and greater asset safety.

Total visibility and coverage

Blue Sky Network’s cloud-based monitoring and configuration portal offers total visibility and advanced connectivity to manage remote assets and communicate with personnel, like never before.

Deep expertise

Deep expertise in connectivity and intelligent fleet management, backed by excellent service and a collaborative, solutions-first approach toward innovation.

On-net cyber-threat mitigation

Group your devices into a private digital network environment that allows for secure networking and direct communication between hardware, sensors, and IoT solutions from any location on the planet.

Find the right solution for your business

Put the power of our SATCOM solutions in your organization’s hands. Contact Blue Sky Network to learn more about our solutions, and demo how our services can solve your communications challenges. 

Confidently communicate with your high-value assets, anywhere and anytime

Satellite Voice

We understand, firsthand, the importance of reliable, high-quality voice communications in the most remote areas of the globe. Our voice services include calling, push-to-talk (PTT), and both pre- or post-paid specific plans across a range of Iridium-enabled devices.

Iridium SBD

Our proven solutions leverage Iridium SBD® to provide instant two-way messaging and frequent short data transmissions anywhere in the world. The simple and efficient packet-based service uses small, lightweight, low-power modules to enable seamless communication, especially in geographically isolated locations.

Iridium Certus®

We offer access to the only truly global, mobile satellite service on the market at the highest speed. This flexible, evolving platform provides weather-resilient L-band connectivity that powers a combination of devices with service speeds ranging from 22 Kbps to 704 Kbps.

Premiere emergency voice and resiliency solutions for your emergency preparedness and business continuity plan

Download brochure to see how our resilient solutions and services can help you maintain business operations in times of crisis. 

Building with BSN continuity solutions

Prepare and protect your business with uninterrupted connectivity

Minimize downtime and maintain critical communications, business continuity, and asset assurance during and after disaster strikes. Our family of SATCOM products provides complete global coverage, offering government organizations, hospitals, schools, hotels, and offices a reliable emergency communications system, even when land-based cellular networks fail. Our Iridium satellite phone docking stations provide seamless backup-voice communications in the face of power and phone outages for first responders, on-site personnel, patients, and students. Safely coordinate between locations and receive real-time updates on changing conditions via our SkyRouter Command Center before, during, and after an emergency event.

Connect with the right partner

Our industry-leading solutions are available via a robust network of partners around the world. Get in touch with a SATCOM expert and let us help you solve your organization’s connectivity challenges today. 

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