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The all-in-one real-time situational awareness and data management suite of products and services for all your operations.

Uninterrupted, global, mobile connectivity when it counts

SkyLink by Blue Sky Network is the complete software, hardware and online suite of products and services engineered to deliver reliable voice, data, and asset management capabilities to and from any location on Earth. Whether your operation is mixed and complex, crewed or autonomous, or global or local,  our cutting-edge SkyLink solutions provide pole-to-pole, omni-directional coverage for seamless connectivity and mission-critical communications. 


Seamless, dual-mode connectivity

Our proven dual-mode solutions are designed to route between high-speed local cellular networks and 100% global, weather-resilient Iridium Certus® satellite service – ensuring total reliability, visibility, and affordability.

Dual Voice

Enhance any operation

Effortlessly make high-quality phone calls, send messages and emails, maintain data transfer operations, and harness beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) communications, even in the most remote and austere environments.

Worry Free

Worry-free security

SkyLink’s sophisticated dual firewall and virtual closed user groups ensure your sensitive data is safeguarded while allowing hardware, sensors, and IoT devices to communicate in secure, private environments.

Innovative, compact products designed for any operation

SkyLink’s suite of low size, weight, and power (SWaP) products are purpose-built to support land, sea, and air operations for both mobile and fixed assets.

SkyLink 5100

Land-based satellite communication solution delivering voice and data connectivity, powered by Iridum Certus®

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SkyLink 5100 IoT

Optimizes business operations by delivering essential data from any asset, anywhere

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SkyLink 6100

Delivers cost-effective satellite voice and data connectivity for maritime operations, anywhere on the planet

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SkyLink Citadel

A resilient anti-piracy solution that offers satellite voice and data connectivity to the outside world,...

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SkyLink ComCenter

Next-generation business resiliency solution providing continuous communications during and after disruptive events.

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Tactical Box: SkyLink

Delivers mission-critical communications from any location on the planet, with the added protection of a...

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SkyLink 7100

Provides continuous satellite voice and data connectivity for aviation and UAV operations

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Achieve mission versatility with Skylink Cloud Services

Our suite of SkyLink products is paired with SkyLink Cloud Services, offering a range of service configurations for mission-focused safety, reliability, versatility, and affordability. Designed for you as Infrastructure as a Service, the SkyLink Cloud Services solution enables you to manage and monitor your entire fleet of SkyLink devices within a single interface.

Connect, track, and secure your most valuable assets, anywhere

Total visibility and coverage

Blue Sky Network’s cutting-edge monitoring and configuration portal, together with SkyLink, provides complete visibility and connectivity to track equipment health, monitor field-based assets, and communicate with personnel, like never before.

On-net cyber-threat mitigation

SkyLink’s advanced security capabilities includes grouping devices into a private digital network environment for secure networking and direct communication between hardware, sensors, and IoT solutions from any location on the planet.

Rugged, reliable, fit-for-purpose

The SkyLink ecosystem combines durable small-form, multi-stack hardware and comprehensive software solutions to deliver high-speed connectivity for any fixed-mount, portable, or mobile operation.

Cutting-edge connectivity solutions engineered for your operations

We understand the importance of reliable, high-quality connectivity that enables seamless voice and data communications, even in the most remote areas of the globe. Our advanced dual-mode SkyLink solution can be customized to meet your exact connectivity needs, no matter the operation.

Government and military

Monitor and track high-value assets and warfighters in real time, at home and abroad, for more strategic operations and enhanced mission outcomes.

Exploration and research

Effectively communicate with researchers, swiftly transfer data, and easily manage equipment even in the most remote, austere environments.

First Responders

When team safety and seconds count, track vehicle health, monitor field-based assets, and communicate with personnel throughout an emergency event.

Business Continuity

Reduce operational downtime and maintain critical internal and external communications during a crisis with seamless connectivity and two high-quality voice lines.

Renewable energy

Manage your assets, production, and crew while maintaining total visibility throughout the renewable fuel supply chain for enhanced economic and environmental value.

Fishing & Workboat

Effortlessly communicate vital information with other seafarers and shore-based staff while monitoring vessel performance, safety outcomes, and productivity.

See Skylink in Operation

This versatile certified Iridium Connected® solution offers reliable connectivity for complete visibility, customizable reports, real-time activity alerts, and dashboards – to enhance the safety and efficiency of your land, sea and air operations.

Skyrouter - A complete solution for total asset visibility

Our SkyLink hardware solutions, coupled with our pioneering asset management portal, SkyRouter, provides complete visibility and connectivity to track equipment health, monitor field-based assets, and communicate with personnel in a single interface.

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