Cutting-edge connectivity for seamless asset communications

Advanced connectivity and innovative dual-mode solutions that enable effortless communications between connected assets and devices.

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Global, mobile connectivity and visibility when it matters most

From operating remote assets in the field to monitoring environmental outcomes or overseeing smart cities, our proven mobile communications solutions are engineered to meet your exact remote connectivity needs. Comprehensive low size, weight, and power (SWaP) hardware, sensors, and IoT solutions communicate effortlessly to deliver a suite of IoT/M2M capabilities to and from any place in the world.

Confidently communicate with high-value assets,
anytime and anywhere

Advanced IoT capabilities

Our innovative hardware, software, and IoT/M2M solutions leverage next-generation Iridium satellite service to provide a suite of IoT capabilities, including data transfer capability for IP data, SCADA, MQTT, and legacy sensor information.

Sensor data aggregation and distribution

Our innovative cloud-based platform allows you to manage, monitor, and view aggregated data from remote IoT devices in a secure portal. Customize reports, activity alerts, and dashboards, recording data for complete around-the-clock visibility.

Dual-mode and least-cost routing

Our proven solutions are powered by local cellular networks and high-speed, weather-resilient satellite service using least-cost routing for seamless, cost-effective IoT and edge-computing connectivity, anytime and anywhere.

Comprehensive dual-mode solutions engineered for advanced IoT capabilities

The SkyLink suite of solutions deliver seamless global connectivity for extensive IoT capabilities across land, sea, and air operations.

Iridium GO! exec®

Enables Wi-Fi connectivity for select messaging, email, and app usage, as well as simultaneous access...

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SkyLink 5100

Land-based satellite communication solution delivering voice and data connectivity, powered by Iridum Certus®

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SkyLink 5100 IoT

Optimizes business operations by delivering essential data from any asset, anywhere

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Find the right IoT solution for your business

Put the power of our SATCOM solutions in your organization’s hands. Contact Blue Sky Network to learn more about our SkyLink solution, and demo how our services can solve your IoT connectivity challenges.

Resilient IoT solutions connecting any operation worldwide

We understand, firsthand, the importance of reliable, high-quality connectivity that enables seamless IoT capabilities, even in the most remote areas of the globe. Our dual-mode solutions can be customized to meet your precise asset management needs, no matter the operation.

US Government

Use real-time data insights from land, sea, and air assets to coordinate mission logistics, protect national interests, and ensure team safety, at home and overseas.

Exploration and research

Swiftly transfer scientific data, from even the most remote locations on the planet, for more strategic operations and optimal research outcomes.

Oil and gas

Send and receive critical sensor data from remote assets across the value chain for real-time project insights and enhanced safety.

Renewable energy

Easily monitor equipment production and crew safety in geographically isolated areas.


Monitor and track vehicle movement, manage your machinery, and maintain connectivity with workers on and off the field for enhanced precision agriculture operations.


Receive automatic alerts on driver safety and emergency situations, proactively monitor vehicle health, and manage freight flows in real time.

Discover the SkyLink advantage

Our dual-mode SkyLink solution for land, IoT, maritime, and aviation is designed for any fixed-mount, portable, or mobile application, and delivers seamless connectivity and asset visibility to enable extensive IoT capabilities.

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Sustainable precision forestry through reliable connectivity

Blue Sky Network’s dual-mode communications solutions enable up-to-the-minute situational awareness and greater fleet management to optimize precision forestry operations. Our SkyLink 5100 IoT provides customizable analytics, real-time insights, and seamless integration for vehicle monitoring, proactive decision-making, and machine-to-machine (M2M) datalink and telemetry capabilities—all while ensuring lone worker safety through a variety of handsets and trackers designed for enhanced asset protection.

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Connect with the right partner

Our industry-leading solutions are available via a robust  network of partners around the world. Get in touch with a SATCOM expert and let us help you solve your organization’s connectivity challenges today.

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