Advanced global connectivity for wherever your adventures and research take you

Seamless connectivity and effective communication solutions that facilitate rapid data transfer and optimal exploration and research outcomes while enhancing asset safety and productivity.

Innovative solutions for global asset tracking and visibility

When you’re conducting research in the Antarctic, delivering specimens to the lab, or ensuring crew safety in the field, our proven and comprehensive mobile communications solutions are engineered to meet your sophisticated connectivity needs. Our innovative hardware, software, and IoT/M2M solutions offer advanced connectivity, remote monitoring and sensing, and real-time insights to enable more impactful exploration and research operations. 

Seamless connectivity delivering real-time insights, from pole to pole

Whether your operation is mixed and complex, crewed or autonomous, or global or local, we are committed to connecting any asset to any operation, anywhere. 

Global tracking and monitoring

Monitor and track the movement of your assets, manage your equipment, crew, operations, and maintain connectivity with personnel in and out of the field throughout the expedition.

Rugged, reliable, and fit-for-purpose

Durable hardware and advanced software solutions deliver high-speed, weather-resilient connectivity for seamless operational continuity.

Reliable insight

Proven and reliable real-time analytics and information for proactive decision-making, increased crew safety, and more strategic operations.

Dual-mode technology connecting any asset to any operation, anywhere

Our solutions are built using the best networks, hardware, and software, and designed for comprehensive connectivity and asset visibility—no matter your exploration and research need.

BoxDock: Iridium 9575 (PTT Enabled)

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Push-to-Talk (PTT) Link for Iridium Extreme PTT

An accessory that enhances the performance of the Iridium Extreme PTT by allowing the user...

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SkyLink 5100

Land-based satellite communication solution delivering voice and data connectivity, powered by Iridum Certus®

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Reliable communications when and where it matters most

Blue Sky Network leverages mobile satellite and cellular communications to design dual-mode low size, weight, and power (SWaP) solutions that enable greater connectivity and faster efficiency to meet the unique needs of your exploration and research organization. 

Dual-mode and least-cost routing

Our proven solutions leverage local cellular networks and high-speed, weather-resilient satellite service using least-cost routing for reliable, cost-effective connectivity and communications. 

Sensor data aggregation and distribution

Our comprehensive, cloud-based analytics solution allows you to remotely manage, monitor, and configure a fleet of devices and view aggregated data in a secure platform. Customize reports, activity alerts, and dashboards, recording data for complete around-the-clock visibility, anywhere in the world.

Iridium Tier 1 Partner

As a proud Iridium-authorized Tier 1 Service Partner, Value-Added Reseller, and Service Center, we work as an extension of Iridium to design and develop products that complement and enhance the power of the satellite network.

Mobile-to-mobile terminal communication

Advanced low size, weight, and power (SWaP) hardware, sensors, and IoT solutions communicate effortlessly to deliver seamless connectivity and a suite of IoT/M2M capabilities to and from any place in the world. 

Find the right solution for your business

Put the power of our SATCOM solutions in your organization’s hands. Contact Blue Sky Network for a demo of how our solutions and services can solve your exploration and research challenges.

Mobile connectivity solutions designed for exploration and research

Satellite Voice

We understand, firsthand, the importance of reliable, high-quality voice communications in the most remote areas of the globe. Our voice services including calling, push-to-talk (PTT), and both pre- or post-paid specific plans across a range of Iridium-enabled devices.

Iridium SBD

Our proven solutions leverage Iridium SBD® to provide instant two-way messaging and frequent short data transmissions anywhere in the world. The simple and efficient packet-based service uses small, lightweight, low-power modules to enable seamless communication, especially in geographically isolated locations.

Iridium Certus®

We offer access to the only truly global, mobile satellite service on the market at the highest speed. This flexible, evolving platform provides weather-resilient L-band connectivity that powers a combination of devices with service speeds ranging from 22 Kbps to 704 Kbps.

Real-time connectivity for pole-to-pole exploration and research

Download the SHOUT Nano brochure to see how our reliable handheld communications solutions can transform your exploration operations.

Researchers using SkyLink at Denman Glacier

SkyLink chosen to help enable research on the Denman Glacier

Blue Sky Network’s dual-mode SkyLink solution was chosen by The University of Tasmania to help researchers monitor the condition of the Denman Glacier. The SkyLink device, which is buried into the ice inside an insulated box, leverages advanced satellite connectivity to transfer the most recent log files to the cloud at a specific time before powering down to conserve overall power resources. 

Connect with the right partner

Our industry-leading solutions are available via a robust network of partners around the world. Get in touch with a SATCOM expert and let us help you solve your organization’s connectivity challenges today. 

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