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SkyLink in Antarctica

SkyLink Chosen to Help Enable Research on the Denman Glacier

Image: James Newlands (Australian Antarctic Program Partnership)

Recently, the University of Tasmania chose SkyLink to help researchers observe glaciology data to monitor the condition of the Denman Glacier. The solution kit is currently in a testing phase near Casey Station, Antarctica, where it will remain over the winter to assess the power system endurance.

SkyLink leverages Iridium Certus® 100 service and mid-band data to enable complete operational efficiency, safety, and continuity coverage. Maritime, IoT, and aviation-grade units are available, along with portable options as well.

In the spring, a guided team will traverse several miles into Antarctica and deploy the setup for 3-5 years. This setup will have battery banks and solar panels, with SkyLink and other electronics buried a few feet into the ice in an insulated box. The SkyLink device will be powered off for most of the day, and then powered on at a specific time to transfer the most recent log files to the cloud before powering down to conserve overall power resources.

“We’re honored that our unit has been chosen to help enable such important research,” said Jason Hicks, Blue Sky Network’s VP of Business Development. “Our point of contact reports that SkyLink is working very well so far, and they are excited to continue testing.”

Visit the Australian Antarctic Program Partnership website for more information on their research.

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