Transform your industry

Blue Sky Network tailor-designs cutting-edge solutions that equip operations with global mobile connectivity and visibility. Every time. Everywhere.

Solutions engineered for every operation

Around the world, Blue Sky Network is the trusted and essential provider of mobile communications and enterprise intelligence. Whether you need comprehensive connectivity and asset visibility over land, sea or air, we leverage decades of deep satellite and telecom industry expertise, along with an agile and collaborative approach to deliver a custom platform of products that help you remain connected.

100% global network connectivity

A proud partner of the only satellite network that covers 100% of the planet. We design and engineer solutions that enhance the power of the satellite network for businesses the world over.

Decades of Experience

More than two decades of industry expertise, rooted in aviation, combining both sophisticated Iridium satellite technology and cellular network connectivity to meet our global customers’ unique needs.

tailored to perfection

Recognizing every customer is unique, we design and deliver customized, seamlessly integrated, and dependable solutions, packaged to align precisely with our customers' device, network, and app needs.

Our success is in our DNA

Blue Sky Network offers the complete package of best-in-class global communications solutions. You might even say connectivity is in our DNA – from our devices to our network to the applications we offer.

We ensure our customers remain seamlessly connected through a combination of the latest devices to enable you to talk, track, text, along with reliable, dual-mode satellite and cellular network connectivity, and a platform of cloud-based analytics and intelligence products for asset tracking and monitoring anywhere in the world. Whether you need real-time insights for complete visibility, enhanced team safety, or greater operational outcomes, we are ready to get you connected.







How we innovate

There is no such thing as an “off-the-shelf” solution. Blue Sky Network’s seasoned engineering team is passionate about helping our customers achieve mission success by delivering industry-leading mobile satellite and cellular communications products and applications designed to meet our customers’ unique connectivity challenges.

As design-thinking problem solvers, we start our process through concept consultation to understand your precise connectivity needs. We then employ a solutions-first development and engineering approach to design and build a custom-fit solution. Our team doesn’t stop there – we’re committed to providing ongoing support to ensure your long-term connectivity success – from design to implementation and throughout the product life cycle.

The Earth’s most powerful network, for comprehensive, voice and data communications

With Iridium’s global network as our core service, Blue Sky Network is a leading Tier 1 Iridium Service Partner, Value Added Reseller, and Service Center. That means we are able to offer the world’s leading and most comprehensive service to our customers, along with award-winning hardware and software – both ours and Iridium’s – to create solutions to meet virtually any connectivity challenge.

Industries we serve

Blue Sky Network is trusted by the world’s leading NGOs, government and blue chip companies alike to connect, track and secure their most valuable assets, from across the globe.

Rapid customer support

There is a solution for every need. At Blue Sky Network, we are ready when you need us. Get a swift response from our knowledgeable support team so you can continue to optimize your global productivity.

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