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Peacekeeping Organization Chooses Blue Sky Network


Blue Sky Network (BSN) is a proud provider of satellite tracking services to the various government entities, as well as law enforcement and global peacekeeping agencies. One of BSN’s key clients for the past four years, an international peacekeeping organization in the Middle East, relies on the HawkEye 5300 (HE5300) on the trucks, armored vehicles, and buses transporting personnel.

The Challenges

People forget the difficulty of tracking hundreds of vehicles as they travel across deserts and other remote regions. With peacekeeping duties in a myriad of remote operational sites, it is no easy task for to keep track of the exact locations of each vehicle at all times. One of BSN’s engineers had the opportunity to travel to the Middle East and assist the peacekeeping client with product training for operational staff. During his visit, he recounts an incident that portrays a true testimony to the reliability of the HE5300.

When one of the vehicle drivers was hijacked from a bus carrying personnel, the Quick Position (QPOS) button was used and a notification was immediately sent to the local authorities. In a matter of seconds, help was already on the way as the chief of operations was able to use the mobile app to view the emergency alert and pinpoint the exact positioning of the troubled vehicle via SkyRouter—Blue Sky Network’s advanced web portal. Clients like this maintain a difficult mission and it is crucial that a dependable tracking system is incorporated in order to maintain the safety of its professional peacekeepers.

The Solution

Blue Sky Network equipped the client’s entire fleet with the HE5300 in order to provide operational safety and maximum efficiency. With the customer’s operations headquartered in the Middle East, BSN sent a team overseas to verify that each device was installed properly. With qualified personnel on site, BSN worked efficiently with the client to complete product installations for the whole fleet and ensure that each device was fully functional for daily operations.

The reliability of the HE5300, powered with Iridium’s satellite network, provides uninterrupted fleet tracking—even in the most remote areas of the world. Equipped with a QPOS button for safety, notifications are instantly sent to authorized contacts when necessary. Most of the data transmitted through the HE5300 is small, which makes it cost-efficient and affordable yet extremely effective when utilized in critical situations.

The Results

With many military and peacekeeping professionals stationed over 7,000 miles away from home, Blue Sky Network understands the sacrifices that these heroes have made and the concerns for their safety. BSN has provided the tools and solution necessary to ensure that this organization has a reliable two-way tracking system. With the HE5300, BSN customers have been able to use Iridium’s powerful network as a tool for an uninterrupted fleet tracking system in the most remote of environments. Most importantly, BSN’s products have enhanced the safety and wellbeing of the troops overseas while maintaining reliable service with minimal down time and superior cost benefit.