Global Traveler App Privacy Policy

This policy covers the use of the BSN (“Blue Sky Network, LLC”) Global Traveler App in all its forms and in all mobile application stores. It extends and clarifies the “Mobile Application End User License Agreement & Privacy policy” and the further above mentioned “Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance”. Both of which are available for viewing at

Data We May Collect for Primary App Usage

Through primary usage of the application and its features, your location data (geographic position), activity data (e.g. ‘walking’, ‘stationary’, ‘driving’), personal information (activation code), and battery statistics may be collected and transmitted to SkyRouter (“BSN Service”) for express use by your organization’s SkyRouter account.

Data We May Collect in the Background

The above mentioned data may be collected in the background if your grant permission to do so in the application and only when the use of ‘position tracking’ is enabled. When position tracking feature is disabled we may still use your background location locally to ensure that the application can quickly present you the correct state of the application upon launching it.

Data We May Collect for Non-Primary App Usage

Throughout the course of using the application we may collect information about your device (e.g. ‘software version’, ‘model’, ‘screen size’) and its network connectivity (e.g. ‘network connectivity state’, ‘Wi-Fi information’) as well as your behavior inside the application for use in diagnosing application issues and understanding usage patterns for the sole purpose of improving the application and your experience overall.

Do we Collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?

We may collect personally identifiable information as defined in the policies above. For the purpose of this application, we may collect your location, your login information (activation code), and your IP address.

How Do We Use Your Data

We may use your data location, activity, and battery data to provide the following to you:

Detecting the Area (‘predefined geographic region’) you are inside.

Providing you with an updated contact list based on the Area you are inside.

Sending your location to SkyRouter upon completion of a Check-In.

Sending your location to SkyRouter upon activation of Emergency Mode.

Sending your location to SkyRouter at an interval if you have tracking mode enabled.

We may use your device information under the following scenarios:

Tailor the experience to the operating system you are on (iOS, Android)

To help understand usage statistics and improve application.

We may use your battery information under the following scenarios:

To help understand battery trends and improve App performance.

To display to your SkyRouter organization.

Do We Sell Your Data?

No, we do not sell your data.

Where is Your Data Stored?

Data is stored and encrypted locally on your device any data transmitted to SkyRouter is stored securely within SkyRouter infrastructure.

Who Has Access to Your Data?

Location, activity, and battery data is supplied to your SkyRouter organization for usage by your organization. It may also be available to our support team to help with support related inquiries. Other non-personally identifiable information (PII) may be accessible to employees of BSN for the express use of improving the application.

Do We Share Data With Anyone?

We only share data based on the guidelines of the parent policies.