Advanced connectivity for seamless land transportation operations

Comprehensive global connectivity and effective communication solutions that enable safe, efficient, and on-time cargo deliveries to last-mile destinations.

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Total asset visibility, anytime and anywhere

When you’re hauling goods between cities or across the country, our proven and comprehensive mobile communications solutions are engineered to meet your exact trucking needs. Sophisticated hardware, software, IoT/M2M solutions offer advanced connectivity, remote monitoring and sensing, and real-time insights for reliable on-the-move  communication, consistent cargo data, streamlined operations, and enhanced asset safety. 

Reliable communications solutions built for freight transportation

Whether your operation is mixed and complex, or long-haul or local, we are committed to connecting any asset to any operation, anywhere.

Scalable and flexible solutions

A wide selection of rate plans and hardware options, including legacy product integration, enable you to determine the most cost-effective solution for your enterprise.

Rugged, reliable, and fit-for-purpose

Durable hardware and advanced software solutions deliver high-speed, weather-resilient connectivity for seamless freight transportation throughout the supply chain.

Enhanced safety and operational efficiency

Low size, weight, and power (SWaP) hardware solutions provide global visibility to enhance asset protection in the field while reliable, cloud-based platforms offer comprehensive insights for real-time situational awareness and more strategic decision-making.

Global, mobile connectivity and visibility when it matters most

Our solutions are built using the best networks, hardware, and software, and designed for comprehensive connectivity and asset visibility—no matter your unique transportation needs.

HawkEye 5500

A dual-mode, real-time tracking and vehicle management solution.

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SkyLink 5100

Land-based satellite communication solution delivering voice and data connectivity, powered by Iridum Certus®

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SkyLink Battery Pack

Enables portable connectivity of SkyLink for comms-on-the-move applications and uninterrupted communications in the event of...

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Delivering dependable connectivity mile after mile

Blue Sky Network leverages mobile satellite and cellular communications to design dual-mode low size, weight and power (SWaP) solutions that enable greater connectivity and faster efficiency for your fleet management assets.

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Total visibility and coverage

Blue Sky Network’s cloud-based monitoring and configuration portal offers total visibility and advanced connectivity to track fleet health, monitor en-route cargo, and communicate among trucking personnel, like never before.

Dual-mode and least-cost routing

Our proven solutions leverage local cellular networks and high-speed, weather-resilient satellite service using least-cost routing for seamless, cost-effective connectivity, anytime and anywhere.

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Deep expertise

Deep expertise in connectivity and intelligent fleet management, backed by excellent service and a collaborative, solutions-first approach toward innovation.

Advanced dual-firewall architecture

Our sophisticated dual firewall secures sensitive data by allowing you to determine incoming and outgoing network traffic from applications and hosts.

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Find the right solution for your business

Put the power of our SATCOM solutions in your organization’s hands. Contact Blue Sky Network to learn more about our solutions, and demo how our services can solve your trucking communications challenges.

Impactful solutions connecting any operation, any asset, at anytime

Satellite Voice

We understand, firsthand, the importance of reliable, high-quality voice communications in the most remote areas of the globe. Our voice services include calling, push-to-talk (PTT), and both pre- or post-paid specific plans across a range of Iridium-enabled devices.

Iridium SBD

Real-time data for increased awareness and efficiency through small, light-weight, low-power modules, delivered anywhere in the world.

Iridium Certus®

We offer access to the only truly global, mobile satellite service on the market at the highest speed. This flexible, evolving platform provides weather-resilient L-band connectivity that powers a combination of devices with service speeds ranging from 22 Kbps to 704 Kbps.

Optimize your fleet management system

Download the HawkEye 5500 brochure to see how our comprehensive vehicle management and two-way communications system can enhance your freight transportation operations.

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Seamless connectivity for advanced trucking fleet management

Ensure ultimate visibility into your trucking fleet operations through seamless, unmatched connectivity and data analytics. Our SkyLink 5100 offers dual satellite and LTE connectivity, offering uninterrupted communication whether in or out of cellular range. Paired with Iridium Edge Solar and integrated through our cutting-edge, cloud-based SkyRouter portal, gain access to comprehensive asset management and GPS location capabilities along with semi-trailer sensor monitoring. Provide fleet operations centers with vital insights, enabling effective logistics management that drives efficiency and success.

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Connect with the right partner

Our industry-leading solutions are available via a robust network of partners around the world. Get in touch with a SATCOM expert and let us help you solve your organization’s connectivity challenges today. 

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